Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Sapp on Raiders: "Dark as a Black Hole"

Warren Sapp did in interview with and touched on a number of different subjects including one that would be popular here, the Raiders.

How would you describe your experience with the Raiders?

As dark as a black hole. Stuff went on in that organization that shouldn't go on in sports. I don't think there's one person who knows who or what is making the call. Let's just say the Oakland experience is unique. The phone rings quite a bit on that sideline. Insubordination is grounds for termination in any company.

That pretty much sums up most thoughts on who is really running the team over there. And really, not that surprising.

Sapp also had some thoughts on his potential as a Pro Football Hall of Fame player.

Many believe you're a first ballot Hall of Fame player. What do you think?

When it's all said and done, my resume is rivaled by five other people that played the game. Four are in the Hall of Fame and the other will be: Reggie White, Lawrence Taylor, Joe Green, Jack Ham and Derrick Brooks. They went to at least seven straight Pro Bowls, Defensive Player of the Year and won a world championship. When you can bring up the ghosts of the game, it tells you where you are.

When you bring up the ghosts of the games like Reggie White, LT, Mean Joe Greene, et all, Sapp's name stands out as somebody who doesn't belong. Unfortunately, the NFL has the worst Hall of Fame, ever, so yeah, he's probably going to get in.

Sapp did have some thoughts on his Tampa Bay tenure, but Scott can handle that.


Scott said...

When you bring up the ghosts of the games like Reggie White, LT, Mean Joe Greene, et all, Sapp's name stands out as somebody who doesn't belong.

You'll have to defend that statement. What other defensive tackle in the last 15 years has been as good as Sapp? I'd take John Randle as an answer, but I can't think if anyone else that was as good for as long as Sapp was in Tampa. Don't judge him on his Oakland time. Everyone knows that place ruins people.

Anonymous said...

Who is Warren Sapp?

NFL Adam said...

Cortez Kennedy? Bryant Young? Leon Lett? Ted Washington? I don't know. Sapp certainly did hang around longer than most of those guys, but was he better? Maybe. I do like to compare guys against their peers and Sapp does compare well there. It's just when you start looking at some of the greats of the game like Randy White, et all, he doesn't seem to belong.

But like I said, he'll get in. Everybody gets in.

Kyle said...

Eh, 28th all-time in sacks? Certainly nothing to scoff at, and like you said the Pro Football HOF is as exclusive as The Cheesecake Factory. But to compare him to someone like Reggie White, not even close considering White has 100 more career sacks.

On an unrelated note, any So Cal love for Fresno State baseball or does the Big West hate all things WAC?

Anonymous said...

When he was on a different Oakland team, Ricky Henderson (all time runs scored, stolen bases, lead off home runs, two World Series, 10 All Star games, ...) worried whether he'd make the MLB Hall of Fame.

NFL Adam said...

Kyle, a West Coast team just destroyed an SEC team. You don't believe that won't get a mention?

Anonymous said...

Warren Sapp in an attempt to bolster his NFL Hall of Fame application will appear on Dancing with the Stars.