Monday, June 30, 2008

Red Sox Need Security

Tensions between the first-place (how's that feel?) Rays and the Red Sox have reached an all-time high. But the Sox will have their minds on bigger matters when the team comes down to Tropicana Field.

HOUSTON -- The Red Sox [team stats] and Major League Baseball have dispatched security teams to St. Petersburg, Fla., for the next three days due to a recent threat made against the club’s players.

According to sources, the Sox recently received a mailed threat, believed to be postmarked in Memphis, Tenn., which targeted black and Latin players, citing at least two by name. The named players have been informed about the threats and will likely have security accompaniment away from Tropicana Field, including at the team’s hotel in St. Petersburg.

The only logical conclusion here is that the culprit is likely some Keith Youkilis-loving redneck who loves the Sox. Likely still sore that "Yook" was punked by his own teammate, Manny Ramirez. Congratulations to those of you in the South who continue to act like America's crazy racist uncle. Even the guy who held a "The Civil War should have been best two out of three" sign at the College World Series believes that you have gone a bit over the line with your threats.

Besides, why do some feel that they need to even make threats against Red Sox players? The Rays have shown that they have enough fight in them to take the Sox. Coco Crisp isn't going to be hot to rush the mound this week when he gets a well-deserved ball in the ear hole.

This series already has passed the Sox/Yanks in terms of vitriol. That series has become a damn-near tea party. The Sox/Rays, now this is one that you don't want to miss.

And yes, the irony is noted that the Angels fans have to become surrogate Rays fans just to experience what it's like to beat the Sox. But you have to take your victories where you can get them.

Thanks, Titan Tim.


Yiddish Steel said...

Yes, of course. It was the home-grown, Neckessee inbred that was sending those nasty, "racist" hate letters by way of his Jewish hero, Kevin Youkalis.

Why do all the "locals" in the (813/727) allow all those carpet baggin' scum-bags from Assachewsitts hijack that lopsided bandbox?!

buckyor said...

Anyone heard from Big O lately? He was a Rays fan.

NFL Adam said...

Yook is Jewish? Who knew? He looks like a dude who would be leading the Nazi Lowriders if his life had taken a different path. Just saying.

NFL Adam said...

Isn't Youkilis a Greek name?

Kyle said...

I don't know about Greek, but I'm pretty sure you can trace his lineage back to ancient Douche.

NFL Adam said...

Nice, Bricks.

Maoke Trubesman said...

Isn't Youkilis a Greek name?

That's teed up so high, I'll need high-heeled spats to reach it!

Y2Jerichoholic said...

C.M. Punk is your new world champion.

Oh stay on topic, the Red Sox are teh ghey.

The Hatriot said...

Really? Ignorance, racism and vile but impotent threats? In the South you say? Why the next thing you'll be telling me is that those folks still fly the long-disgraced symbol of slavery and treason known as the American Swastika ERRRRR Second Place Banner ERRRRR Stars and Bars.

And Adam, lay off Yiddish Squeal. He took time off from sending "OBAMA IS A SEKRIT MOOSLIM !!111!1" e-mails just to post here.

NFL Adam said...

Wait Obama isn't a terrorist? I still felt he was a better candidate.