Sunday, June 01, 2008

The Post Mortem

When did the Lakers get all of the white guys? Doesn't anybody care about tradition anymore?

How are those bandwagon Cellbitch fans supposed to know who to root for? There will be countless thousands of Cellbitch fans tuning into a game for the first time this season who will be shocked to see all of those white dudes actually playing for the Lakers.

And not to mention the shorts. The last time most of these Boston fans actually cared about basketball, the players wore Daisy Dukes and Converse was actually the cool brand.

To be honest, all of those crusty old guys in the Hyannis Port country clubs just aren't going to know what to do.

Which was the bigger rally, being able to come back from a career night at Taco Surf on Friday to get up the next day to go big again at the Iron Maiden concert, or the Angels recent string of rallies? The concert right? Alright, the Angels thing might be a little bit more impressive. The Rally Monkey had looked like an endangered species in recent years, but he is alive and well. We just started June, so we can save the comparisons to 2002, but this season is a lot of fun so far.

The most amazing thing is that the team is doing it without its full compliment of players. Howie Kendrick finally returned to the lineup. (Though, as Matt P. point out, he could be out for the season after being hit by a pitch in the ninth inning.) Chone Figgins hasn't been on the field in a long time. This could be a special season if they could just stay on the field.

Speaking of Iron Maiden, they left no doubt who the kings of heavy metal are. Anthrax -- with a new singer who looked a lot like the dude from Creed -- put on an excellent show Saturday night. If you would have been satisfied if you had paid the $60 to just see Anthrax. (Well, if you are in to that sort of music, which obviously not all of you are.)

But Anthrax was that good. But in comparison to Iron Maiden, it's just no contest. That's no shot at Anthrax, but a testament to just how good Maiden is. Even a first-time to the Maiden shows were impressed that this band can still bring it after all of these years.


Robster said...

Maiden rules. I was there at Long Beach Arena when Vinnie Vincent Invasion opened for them in 1987. And we had a riot in the parking lot afterward, too.

WampaOne said...

Maiden does rewlz!

Dude, that concert you went to had more stuff going on than the one I went in Brazil, they had the big eddie mum for example. You can check my review at the metal thread on SOTSG.


Bain said...

It's so fuckin true. Maiden duhz roolz.

Dude, I was at the fuckin Long Beach Ralph's in '97 when fuckin Maiden played and fuckin' Taco opened. Fuckin Taco didn't fuckin play "Puttin' On The RItz" so we fuckin set my friend's car on fire.