Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The NBA Is Fun Again

Predictably, the Lakers finally got the free-throw line on Tuesday night (why were they playing so soon, it's not July yet). The only thing is, fellas, if you are going to whine about not getting to the free-throw line, then you should make your shots when you get there. Kobe was horrible. Pao Gasol acted like he was playing for Memphis again. The Lakers are lucky to win a game the referees gave to them.

Fitting, too, that a former cheating referee exposed the NBA for manipulating finals series prior to the game.

NBA referees, influenced by cozy relationships with league officials, rigged a 2002 playoff series to force it to a revenue-boosting seven games, a former referee at the center of a gambling scandal alleged Tuesday. More ...

Does anybody get the feeling that Donaghy is going to testify in court and the judge will say, "No kidding. The only thing that could less surprising would be to find out that T.O. and Clay Aiken are a couple. Get out of here."

The Lakers have delayed the agony for at least one more game. Hey, who knows, maybe they can make it two in a row. But lets have some fun in the meantime by creating a caption for this Doc Rivers photo.

To kick it off: Celtics coach Lamar Latrell objects to a foul call.

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The Big Picture said...

adam, i have two major gripes with your headline:

1. The NBA is not fun.
2. The NBA has never been fun, so using the word "again," which implies that it was once fun, is clearly wrong.

love the new slogan on the header, though. i should use that for mine, too!