Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Many Faces of Clinton Portis

Redskins running back (and borderline loon) Clinton Portis has entertained many in the DC area with his various costumes that he wears to press conferences. Portis has certain personalities that he likes to showcase and when you consider the alternative – a-holes who don’t want to talk – this is kind of refreshing. (Here is some more history on Portis' costumes.)

Portis was on the set of NFL Network's Total Access (don’t worry, nobody else gets that channel either) debuting four new characters. Fans can vote for their favorite on NFL.com.

My personal favorite is Bud Foxx. Be sure to vote.


Bain said...

That looks like the sort of costume Hater wears while texting Nick Heyward.

Anonymous said...

HA HA HA. bud foxx is pretty funny. better than the other three!

wish he was still in denver. but ey, we got champ for him, so it balances out i guess..

Kyle said...

Portis is great. That is all.