Monday, June 30, 2008

Gruden: THN's A Bunch of Morons

And there are a not a lot of people who would disagree with him. Warren Sapp doesn't seem much like a Hall of Fame player to me. But THN Patron Saint Jon Gruden feels that we are just a bunch of dopes.

"If Warren Sapp doesn't go into the Hall of Fame on the first ballot, you'd better check the IQ of the voters," said Bucs coach Jon Gruden, who attended the party at the Seminole Hard Rock and Casino with his wife, Cindy. "No disrespect to anyone, but he's the favorite guy I've ever coached."

Gruden does have a point because the Hall of Fame voters did put Art Monk into the Hall of Fame this year, while Marshall Goldberg sits on the outside looking in. Still, to respectfully disagree with Gruden, there needs to be some more convincing here. The biggest case for Sapp would be that Dan Hampton is in the Hall of Fame. Did that guy even do the Super Bowl shuffle?

So let's kick this out to the readers, a latest addition of THN Bar Trivia:

Should Warren Sapp be voted to the Pro Football Hall of Fame?
Yes, and I hope he's holding at his induction. Don't be stingy. free polls


The Hatriot said...

Hey let's give Gruden the benefit of the doubt here. It's not like he coaches in a stadium featuring a giant Pride Week Parade Float pirate ship.


Well, it's not like he only won a Superbowl because the other team was coached by a Walmart greeter using a playbook that Gruden wrote.

Uh... Let me get back to you. This could take a while.

Mr. Goodell said...

I'll be in the Hall of Fame befor that cock hole Sapp gets in. Count on that one assholes. I might just vote myself in next year because I'm that fucking good.