Thursday, June 19, 2008

Don't Call Him "Pacman"

Adam Jones no longer wants to be known as "Pacman." He wants to put all of the bad stuff behind him and move on with his birth name. And somewhere, O.J. Simpson is kicking himself thinking, "I knew I should have started calling myself Joe."

This is good thinking on Jones' part. He will totally fool Roger Goodell. Like the next time Jones is caught in a strip club, making it rain, or doing any other activity to raise the ire of the commissioner, he'll get away with it. Goodell will be muttering under his breath, "Dog damn it, another Jones in trouble? Luckily it is Adam Jones and not that a-hole Pacman Jones, or else he would be in real trouble."

Genius move on Pacman, err, Adam's part.


DAWUSS said...

Isn't that for McLean Stevenson to handle?

NFL Adam said...

McLean is MIA. He took off in a helicopter a few days ago and I haven't heard from him.

Mr. Goodell said...

If you allow me to be honest for a moment, I can't wait to bust this mother fucker. Adam Jones. Pacman Jones. Tom Jones. I don't give a shit. His ass belongs to me.

But right now I have the biggest erection just waiting to lay the hammer down on Javon Walker.

Fletch said...

I don't think "Pitfall" is taken.