Monday, June 30, 2008

Angels Introduce New Promotion

ANAHEIM -- The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim are kicking off a new promotion for its loyal fans. Fans are entitled to 10 free chicken wings any time the Angels score more than 10 runs in any given week. Unfortunately for Angels fans right now, the team has only scored two runs in its past four games.

And seriously, it looks like they won't be giving away any wings in the near future. Sure, the Angels will have one of those games where they score 12 runs, leading the management of the team to declare that everything is cool. But that arrogance is only matched by Juan Rivera who hot-dogged a fly ball in yesterday's game, allowing a couple of runs to score. Seriously Juan, do you even want to play everyday?

Oh well, at least this gives the Bish more material to write about.


Reader Matt P. said...

What about finally making a less subtle change and stick with it... This lineup

Rivera (DH)

I looked at the media guide on the pooper this morning. There was only one player in the minor league system with 20 HR last year (Wood) The team needs to string together 5-6 hits in order to get any kind of offense going because of the lack of pop. At some time, a change in approach is necessary. No change has occurred for 2 months!! The team is fortunate to be 15 games over at this point, but there is no way that it can continue. Scioscia is patient because he knows it's within the players' individual abilities to snap out, but I have to think that 4 years of hearing about these problems and extended stretches of futility has to be weighing on the players and management. It's sure weighing on the fans.

NFL Adam said...

The arrogance also stretches to the fact that the team hasn't had a left-handed set-up man, well, ever. That's how the team ends up with Jarrod Washburn giving up a grand slam to Big Crappy in the playoffs.

I do like your lineup idea. But I would sub out Matthews and slide Adam Dunn into the six-hole. Oh wait, he's not on the team.

Mr. Goodell said...

There is a symposium going on that you could be talking about, you cock hole.

Anonymous said...

Did you have to pick a coin when debating on whether to post about the Angels sucking or CM Punks big win?

Diane said...

What about taking a pitch now and then instead of going for a record number of first pitch pop ups?

Not that last night's game wasn't a thrill a minute.

yung skeezy said...

This promotion better extend to Angels fans stuck on the East Coast.