Thursday, May 29, 2008

Who Gave 7.5 Points?

Pity all of the gamblers that took the 7.5 points on their beloved Spurs on Thursday night. Sasha Vujacic should be considered a hero to many a sports gamblers for playing the game out until the very end. There will be those who think it was kind of bush league for Sasha to take that final shot. There will even be those who will suggest that he might have had money riding on the game. And you know what?

Hopefully he did.

More professional athletes should be forced to wager on themselves. PGA players have to do it each week. Well, almost. But their prize money is tied directly to how well they play. Imagine that the next time a golfer has to penalize himself -- he/she is taking money out of their own pocket. Think of how spirited the NBA finals would be if the players had a couple of million riding on the outcome. And hell, Sasha is a Euro where they have casinos inside of futbol stadiums, so this might very well be a custom to him.

A couple of closing notes on the Lakers/Spurs series. Having Jerry West represent was wonderful. Great to have him back in the fold. This is the way life should be.

Reader Matt P. pointed out that nobody on the Lakers team even touched the Western Conference trophy. We don't play for second place trophies in Los Angeles. Danica Garnett will probably kiss the thing when the Cellbitch closes out the Pistons on Friday night.


Robster said...

That was cheap shooting the ball at the end. I hope the Celtics beat the Lakers, and that's saying something considering I've always wanted someone to take Red Auerbach's cigar and shove it up his ass.

NFL Adam said...

Dude, but the cover. This is going to be one of the greatest gambling stories ever.

The Hatriot said...

Let me save you all the time it takes to read the various comments from whiners complaining about the last second shot:


There, that condenses it to its essence. The Spurs fouled hard on the previous Laker possession so let's cut the bullshit about them bowing out gracefully. Besides, can anyone honestly say they weren't playing defense on that last play? How would you tell? I only wish that shot had happened in that Redneck Tractor-pull/Rodeo/Basketball Arena in San Antonio. Good Riddance to the soft-as-warm-butter Spurs. On the downside, their days as contenders are over. On the upside, David Robinson was saving Timmy a front row seat at today's matinee of the Sex and The City movie.