Thursday, May 08, 2008

THN's Great Bar Debates

Have you ever debated a seriously philosophical question in a bar, and then -- the next morning -- wondered what the heck all of the fuss was about when you, ah, had some time to think about it?

Who hasn’t, right? Budweiser (or maybe it was Coors) made a series of commercials like this posing questions like, Mary Ann or Ginger?

The Hater Nation isn’t above stealing a good idea and last week, most of you sickos thought that Billy Ray Cyrus already had relations with his daughter. You all are sick.

THN's is going to be inviting an old friend over for this week's question. We all know about David Whitthoft, the kid who wore the Brett Favre jersey for 1,500 days.

So what would you rather do, THN fans?

What would you rather wear for 1,500 days?
David Whitthoft's Brett Favre jersey
Steve Bisheff's toupee
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We were going to let you roll into obscurity Bisheff, but you just can't help stealing for us.


Cali Tejano said...

Damn, I had to think about that one. And not because I need the toupee either.

The Hatriot said...

I don't necessarily have to wear the toupee on my head, right?

BTW, my verification word is "tesrsfvb" which is what, I'm led to believe, JazzFan yells as he practices his travelling calls in one of his mothers' basements.

Bain said...

His publicist says the hair is real.