Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Spygate: Finally Over?

The Patriots cheated in Super Bowl 36. Or at least I hope so. Not only do I wish that Matt Walsh was videotaping the St. Louis FC’s final walk through, but as an added bonus, John Madden was there working the telestrator for him. That would only be fitting, considering that football fans in Southern California were cheated out a team by a murdering showgirl.

But the world will probably never know. Walsh met with Commissioner Roger Goodell and there was no “smoking gun.” In other words, there was no tape of the walk-thru.

That we know of.

Not that it would have mattered if Walsh had one. The league previously destroyed tapes collected against the Patriots. Like it was a used copy of Planet of the Apes. (The Mark Walberg one.) So what would stop him from doing it again? Even if Walsh did have the tapes, do you think Goodell would let that information be seen?

Not because it would force Goodell's hand to forfeit the Patriots victory (which can't happen). But rather, would those people who bet on St. Louis’ FC be able to get their money back? Yeah, right.

The best possible scenario was achieved that year. The Patriots used a screwy rule to defeat the Raiders in the playoffs. And then they cheated to defeat the St. Louis FC. Both will leave both opposing franchises mutter, which is probably the sweetest reward of all.


Bokolis said...

The "pedigree" is there. We used to hear the stories about Parcells buying up rooms at the hotel across from the Meadowlands because you could see the Giants' practice field from the top four floors.

You don't think of guarding against shit like this unless you're doing it. And if you are guarding against it, it only serves as training on how to pull it off.

Oh, yeah, this smacks for coverup. Nobody will raise a stink; this country is a sucker for the "official version."

Mr. Goodell said...

This issue is over and do you want to know why? BECAUSE I FUCKING SAID SO. So listen up you assholes this story is over and done and it is time to move one from this thing once and for all. End all discussion of this.

Bud Grant said...

I used to buy up rooms across from the Meadowlands to house all the Jersey broads I was nailing.

Tommy Tuck Rule said...

Wow, if Bud Grant is back on THN, could Jim Otto's bum knee be far behind.

Naked Spoonerman said...

Jim Otto's knee is behind mine.

Kelly Monaco said...

When was the last time I was mentioned?