Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Post Mortem

The NBA deserves a lot of credit. The playoffs have become so predictable with a gluttony of seven-game series, that it is refreshing when the league books a playoff series to only go six games.

Nobody would have blamed the NBA if they would have forced the Lakers to play a seventh game. Who would argue with having one of your marquee franchises (probably the marquee franchise) play an extra game on Sunday? But the NBA not only gave away what would have been its most exciting playoff game of the day, but the had the Lakers close it out on a Friday night.

And do you know why, because the NBA hates the Utah fans that much.

That's right Jazz fans, the NBA hates you and your whining so much, that they fixed Game 6 of this playoff series. And not just for your team to lose, but for your team to lose at home. The ultimate insult.

You may now join the legions of Kings fans who believe that their team was wronged in Game 6 of the conference finals a few years back. (Of course, nobody seems to remember that the Lakers were homered out of the building in Game 5.)

So that is what you are left with Jazz fans. Either accept the reality that your team was outplayed by the Lakers, or take the easy truth in that the league threw away millions of dollars in revenue because your fans blow.

Personally, you have believe the latter.

In other NBA playoff news ...

Congratulations to Danica James for keeping the Cavs close in its loss to the Celtics. But the final moments of that game showed you all you need to know about James and Danica Garnett. These guys were gagging harder than Kate Moss at a buffet. These two masons should team up with Jimmy Carter to help build quality homes for the less fortunate.

What superstar, with his team trailing by three points, runs straight into a host of defenders to throw up a prayer while looking for a foul? James was bashed last year for kicking the ball out on key plays but now you know why he did it. He knew that he wasn't going to make the shot either.

And what in the name of Jesus Shuttleworth is Ray Allen doing out on the court when it counts? He was better off losing in Seattle when nobody cared.


New skipper Joe Torre might wear the Dodgers blue now, but he still has the knack for losing to the Angels. Torre is just merely extending a tradition, though. The Angels have won 16 of their last 20 games against the Dodgers in Anaheim Stadium of Los Angeles. And they also do pretty good in Dodgers Stadium, too. There was a time when these teams split the season series, but that seems such a long time ago.

Now wonder the Angels have taken the LA name, because they own this region.

Mike Napoli was on fire Sunday, and has really flexed some power numbers this season. One of the reporters on the pregame show said that the Angels should consider Napoli as the DH. That would cause some problems if Jeff Mathis started a game and had to come out, but he's certainly earned more at bats with his performance.

  • Lions fans are upset that an employee sent a season-ticket holder a note (intended for another employee) that said, "(Expletive) him until next year.) But isn't that what the Lions have been saying for years by keeping Matt Millen employed?
  • Anybody else notice the numerous empty seats at Yankee Stadium last night as the Mets closed in on an 11-2 victory? Only a smattering of cheering Mets fans remained. Just another example of those soft, leave-early East Coast fans.

The NFL owners are looking to end its labor agreement withe Player's Association, heading towards a 2010 uncapped year. Think of how much money the Los Angeles Raiders (playing in Ed Roski's new stadium) will be throwing throwing around. At least that is the refrain of most Dodgers/Raiders fans.

And who can blame their optimism? The Raiders have had such a long, recent history of signing quality free agents. Who was the Raiders last great free-agent signing? Rich Gannon? Warren Sapp? Maybe it's just the imagination, or maybe it's signing of Super Bowl MVPs going back to Larry Brown, Desmond Howard and most recently Dominic Rhodes (who was the real MVP of Super Bowl 41), but free agency isn't quite the Raiders strong suit.

Nor is hiring decent head coaches.

Or winning. Definitely not winning.


Cali Tejano said...

The Raiders's last great free agent signing was Daunte Culpepper. He and McClown took all the punishment so JMarr didn't have to play sixteen games with Barry Sims and Robert Gallery protecting his backside.

WCT said...

Um, you do know that "Danica" James, as you call him, scored like, 45 points or something...right? And Garnett had like 10.

Bill O'Reilly said...


NFL Adam said...

How many points did he score on his final drive?

Psst ... zero.

Anonymous said...

Angels= White Sox= Mets.

No matter what the record is, they will always be the sad little sister.

Earvin J., Lawrence B., Michael J. and Kobe B. said...

What superstar, with his team trailing by three points, runs straight into a host of defenders to throw up a prayer while looking for a foul?

We couldn't possibly imagine.

NFL Adam said...

The only problem is that your four guys actually make your shots. James did not.

The Hatriot said...

Awwww. Poor DodgerFan is so humiliated by his team's performance he has to post as "anonymous". Hey DodgerFan, don't you hate it when the tenants' team plays the landlords' team and the landlords' team wins? Again?

I do have one question: Which team's tank job resulted in the most calls to spousal abuse help lines, the Dodgers or the Jazz?

I kid, of course. They don't have help lines for abused women in Utah.

BTW, my verification word is "sihdpi" which is the Hindu translation of "DOH!" which is what "anonymous" mumbled into his piss-warm can of Bud Light after he realized that the White Sox and Angels, unlike the Da-hairs, have won a World Series in this century.