Sunday, May 04, 2008

The Post Mortem

Big news this weekend as Colts receiver Marvin Harrison was wanted in questioning for shooting Kentucky Derby participant, Eight Belles. Or something like that. There certainly was a lot of shooting going on this weekend.

The charge of animal cruelty will once again be waged against horse racing, but let’s be realistic here. Only a handful of horses are lost each year due to injuries from horse racing. But what happens when a racers career is over? They are sent out to stud farm.

In other words, they live out their lives like your average trailer park resident, only without the meth labs in the stables.

Not a bad gig and maybe worth the risk, right? The stud farm is a lot better than the alternative that most NFL players face when their playing career is over.

And maybe instead of condemning horse racing, we should be finding ways to add its subtleties in our other sports. For instance, imagine if a trainer on the Chargers sideline put LaDainian Tomlinson down after he injured his leg in the AFC Championship Game. Tomlinson might have had a different attitude about playing in pain, right. Maybe we should be holding our other sports to the higher standards that horse racing has for its participants.

The moment you can’t perform, you are put down. Tom Brady was injured in the Super Bowl? Too bad, put him down. That would add more excitement, right.

Of course, there are those athletes who already have taken the role of stud a little too far already. Isn't that right, Steve Garvey, Shawn Kemp and Travis Henry.

  • For you deranged souls, here is a copy of Eight Belles being put down, that you can see right here.
How far are we off the Paula Creamer (upper right) bandwagon? Wow, is the LPGA starting to take a cue from professional tennis? Funny though, when you search Google for Creamer you find a lot of photos of Natalie Gublis. Which seems odd because Creamer is more attractive and is actually a much better player.

The question you might be asking right now is why am I watching women's golf, and the only answer is because the alternative was NBA basketball. And once some Atlanta Hawks hero leveled a Boston Cellbitch with a clothesline, there was really nothing of interest in Sunday's games. And when Rondo was leveled, you know Tommy Heinsohn threw his remote at the television and screamed, "Only Celtics can throw clotheslines."

  • Congratulations to Cedric Benson for taking his career further in the dumps by being arrested on a lake, like he as a Minnesota Viking or something. Now his NFL career isn't the only bust in his life. And speaking of busts, hopefully well-noted Bears fan and THN reader Dr. Doug, along with Frank H., have recovered from me busting them out of the winners table in a poker tournament on Saturday night.
  • Title IX is really carrying its weight now that beach volleyball has become a collegiate sport. Rumor has it that Arizona State will be looking to field the first every collegiate "Foxy Boxy" team.

You may or may not be familiar with the name Steve "The Bish" Bisheff, who was an unknown columnist for one of the LA-area dailies until he reached fame at The Hater Nation. The Bish was known for his bad rug and for blatantly stealing from THN. For instance, THN's view on offsides from the Weak Ender on 06/09/06.

Imagine Terrell Owens beating a cornerback in a one-on-one coverage, getting wide open and then having the safety stop running, letting the receiver get by him. Owens would then be called for offsides and the play would be nullified. The Packers tried that strategy to no avail last year.

The following week the Bish wrote "Imagine Randy Moss beating a cornerback in one-on-one coverage, getting wide open and then having the safety stop running, letting the receiver get by him."

At least he changed T.O. to Moss, but the theft was still clear. And there was speculation that the incident led to Bisheff being fired from the Register.

The Bish is no blogging for some website and you will be pleased to know that he is still stealing his ideas from The Hater Nation.


Bain said...

The question you might be asking right now is why am I watching women's golf

Because you've had so many Zima's you're too drunk to go to the Ace Of Bass reunion concert?

Diane said...

I'd say it's 50/50 as to whether the CEO of Yum foods tried to purchase poor Belles' body to feature on the menu at the Beijing Taco Bell.

Fletch said...

Please come visit my site's newest Monday column, The Post Morton. It's the tops!

NFL Adam said...

Zima is yesterday's news. It's all about Miller Chill now.

NFL Adam said...

And I do have to say I'm impressed by D throwing out Yum! brands. I (along with Tommy Tuck Rule) are probably the only ones who will appreciate that.

Tommy Tuck Rule said...

The visual of NFL Adam drinking a Miller Chill with one of his vast array of coozies is hilarious.

And yes Kudo's for the Yum brand shout out. I personally would enjoy a Baby Belle's Grilled Stuft Burrito. But i love dining on put down race animals.

Cali Tejano said...

Paula Creamer's cute, but she's too young for you unless your name is Roger Clemens.

Putting down injured athletes? That would make NASCAR ratings shoot through the roof. Can you imagine Rick Hendrick putting a slug in one of his drivers after Kyle Busch wrecks them?

As for the grub, I'll have the Baby Belle chalupa combo, por favor!

NFL Adam said...

She's 21 ... way too old for Clemens.