Monday, May 12, 2008

The Post Mortem: Get Off Your Cell Phone!

As pointed out in the comment section of The Weak Ender, some breaking news came through on Friday after that story was put to bed. Too bad this Internets medium doesn’t have a way to make changes when news breaks.

Danica Patrick did hit some dude on pit row, which was kind of a surprise. A surprise that it took so long for this to happen.

Just kidding.

This would be a fine time to poke fun at Patrick, maybe saying that she should spend so more time watching the track and less time working on her makeup in the rear-view mirror. But (and this is taking a cue from Bain), THN is above such things.

But putting on makeup certainly was not a problem judging from the video.

Danica does take her fair share of criticism but to be fair, this accident doesn’t seem like her fault. Why was that dude walking out there anyway? And it seems that being on pit row would certainly be the place where you would want to have your head on a swivel. Cars seem to be traveling pretty fast.

Seriously, dudes running from the Hard Rock to Club Paradise in Las Vegas are more attentive than this idiot in the pits. That guy kind of got what he deserved.

Thank you to The Hatriot for taking time away from his LDS services on Sunday to post on the Lakers and Jazz series. The Lakers totally got out of their game-plan in overtime and just couldn't get anything to fall. Kobe must be hurting because he looked like the love-child of LeBron James and Kevin Garnett out there in the clutch.

But those Jazz fans, they never learn. They crushed Kobe when he was air-balling a bunch of shots as a rookie. Taking great delight in beating him. However, in the end, Kobe got over on them. And he will get over on them again. Thanks to the loss on Sunday, Kobe is going to get over on them again in Game 6 to end this thing.


Seitz said...

Just imagine if there were Asian drivers on the Indy circuit! Am I right? Am I right?

It's OK, I can say that because I'm Asian. Alright, I'm not Asian, but my wife is. Alright, I'm not married, but I kinda dig Asian chicks.

Not really, though. Just the hot ones.

Cali Tejano said...

What the hell was that pit guy doing acting like one of those stoners we see wandering into oncoming traffic on Cops?

NFL Adam said...

Seitz, we can't go there.

I agree Cali, that dude kind of deserved it.

Bokolis said...

I play enough sports with chicks to know that, unlike guys, who play sports to get away from their issues, chicks bring their baggage out to the field and take it out on someobdy. Notice that she wasn't all that repentant afterwards.

The Hard Rock/Club Paradise reference had me rolling. I've been to both (the former in '02, the latter in '97) but never made that dash across the street. You would think that, with so much action at the pool, there'd be no need to play Frogger.