Monday, May 05, 2008

Leonard Little is a Yankees Fan

A Yankees fan – not Leonard Little, a hillbilly from New Hampshire actually – ran her car into a group of Red Sox fans who stood outside of a bar taunting her. The woman struck one Boston fan, who later died of head wounds.

The question on everybody’s mind is obviously this –- why would you want to ruin their car by hitting a Red Sox fan? Although it finally brings some truth to this old joke:

What’s the difference between a dead dog on the road and a dead Red Sox fan on the road?

There are skid marks in front of the dog.

What, too soon?


Billy Joel said...

I agree, Yankees fans can't drive.

Diane said...

That thin line between thinking you'd like to run over an obnoxious BoSox fan and doing it gets awfully blurry after a few (dozen) beers.

Cali Tejano said...

Sigh, I wish for the good old days when stabbing Chargers fans or lighting Steelers jerseys on fire when their owners were still wearing them was as bad as it ever got in unruly fan behavior.

The Hatriot said...

In short:

BloSox fan gets carried by six.

Yankee fan gets judged by twelve.

And Dodger fan gets all the gold fillings he yank with a pair of vice-grips before the cops show up.

Tommy Tuck Rule said...

Does this mean the Sox/Yankee rivalry is reknewed?! Woohoo!... oh sorry.

Tommy Tuck Rule said...

The funny thing is i have been in a group of RedSox fans yelling at a car with a Yankees bumper sticker on it. In hindsight i wish they would have tried to run us down.