Monday, May 19, 2008

Is Notre Dame the Victim of Fraud?

Charlie Weis won a lot of games with Ty Willingham's players. Then he got huge. And then he got a huge contract. But could Notre Dame actually be the victims of fraud?

If Roger Goodell has no interest in investigating the team and owner that got him the commissioner's job, maybe Notre Dame would be interested in hearing what Matt Walsh has to say. ESPN analyst Steve Young makes the point that Weis' reputation might have been built via watching some video tapes. (Via Pro Football Talk, FanHouse.)

"I remember thinking to myself during some of the runs, 'Charlie Weis is a genius,'" Young said. "I mean, I remember saying that to people: 'This guy is uncanny, how he's able to make these adjustments and just come out and dominate in the second half.' What it's left me to do is, well, I don't know. Did it matter? I could see how it could matter if you put it all together. So it's a tough one. I think that people earn it on the field, and I think you've got to move on and move forward and just recognize that it's not a good thing at the time."

Could this possibly be a loophole to get Notre Dame out of it contract with Weis? (Probably not, and some lawyer type will likely email to point out that I'm full of it.) But for those of you wondering if knowing what plays are coming would be a benefit to a team, ask yourselves how Jon Gruden did in Super Bowl 37 against his former team.

Not to diminish one of the greatest days in sports, but the Buccaneers clearly benefited from Gruden's knowledge and the Raiders stupidity for not mixing up some of the plays.

Notre Dame should look into this.


Bain said...

Who is Britney yelling at in the photo?

Cali Tejano said...

That's not Britney. There's no monitoring bracelet on her ankle.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Pete Carroll videotaped opponents' signals as well...