Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Get Ready for Another Circus

There is heavy speculation that Michael Strahan could announce to his teammates his intentions for the upcoming season when the team gathers at Tiffany's on Thursday night to receive their Super Bowl rings.

The belief is that Strahan will announce that he will retire. And that will just be the beginning of the circus that will surround this "great" defensive ends retirement. There also will not be any debate about his candidacy in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Strahan is getting in.

Partly because he was a pretty decent player, and partly because he played in New York. But mostly because he had some kill fart jokes. Strahan was one of those players who perfectly blended a career of decent skills, major media market and the ability to offer some quips. Strahan also was smart enough to play the media game, pretending that he actually liked them. See Albert Belle, if you had just played a few more blue jokes and finished your career with the Yankees, you too could be going to the Hall of Fame.

Maybe it is fitting that Strahan is going to end up in Canton the same year as Brett Favre. Maybe they can commission a special bust of Favre laying on the turf for him.


Robster said...

Oh, I thought he was going to announce he was going to be in next season's Dancing With The Stars.

Bain said...

Shaky, but nice.

NFL Adam said...

Alright, maybe not tonight. I won't try to report any more scoops.