Wednesday, May 07, 2008

From Hard Time to Hard Knocks

The Cowboys acquisition of Pacman Jones finally makes sense as it was officially announced that America's team will be featured on HBO's Hard Knocks. This is the made-for-TV event of the century. Hopefully the producers of Hard Knocks will push Pacman Jones into going to a strip club of six, maybe even personally offering him a ride.

Actually, Jones should go to a strip club while he is being filmed. That way, when a gun-fight breaks out, he will have evidence that he was not involved in the melee. That would be a good way to show Roger Goodell that he can behave.

Former Bengals receiver Chris Henry has received permission to have his house arrest suspended for a tryout with another team. Henry’s agent confirmed that a team does want to bring his client into camp, but won’t say which one.

This has to be the Cowboys right? Like you almost imagine that HBO is going to force the Cowboys to bring in Chris Henry for a tryout right? If Henry is on the show, this has a chance to surpass the Real World Las Vegas for biggest train wreck in reality TV history.


insomniac said...

Smart programming by HBO. They get an episode of Hard Knocks and G-String Divas for the same cost and time as one show.

Fletch said...

Nevada's not too far away, either. Cat House could always use a celebrity sighting...

Why are the Cowboys stealing all the Raiders' players?

Old Skool Raider Fan said...

Raiders don't need Pacman, we have Deangelo Hall! 2008 AFC WEST CHAMPS