Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Eagles Cheerleaders Visiting Iraq

The Eagles cheerleaders will be traveling to Iraq to lift the spirits of the troops. The young ladies will be traveling to a number of bases (all kept a secret) where they will be dancing, giving out memorabilia -- including a puke bucket signed by Donovan McNabb, and conducting trivia contests.

One of the cheerleaders was asked if she was going to be nervous about going to Iraq.

"Everybody asks if we're nervous" about going to a war zone, she said. On the contrary, "I'm thrilled to have this opportunity," Kjersti Soberg said.

"They reassured us that the bases we're traveling to are completely safe."

Hell, it can't be any more different than living in Philadelphia or dodging Donovan McNabb's errant passes on the sidelines.

On an added note, does anybody think the Cheerleaders will wear this to not offend the Muslim people?

HT: Shutdown Corner.


Yiddish Steel said...

Just where do you suppose they're going to be wearing "NO HOTLINKING PLEASE"?! On their cabooses!?

Kordell said...

Alright. Who sent THN the pic of the hotties I tapped last night?

Anonymous said...

philly whores. i wouldn't fuck them with drunken stepfather's disease ridden cock

Blonde said...

First of all, the Eagles cheerleaders aren't all that.

Second, they are safer in Iraq then they are in Killadelphia.

Third, one of my employees is on the Eagles cheer squad & she is a bit busted looking. She a mousy white butta face who is secretly fucking the big eggplant dick of a married player.

Did I mention they are skanks?

OH and I still hate Donovan McNabb. Amen.