Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Don't Throw It To Danica James

Danica James was derided last season for passing up potential game-winning shots and now we know why. The dude makes Kevin Garnett look clutch. Seriously, what the hell was that last-minute attempt? First he took about 20 steps, then he just kind of flung the ball in the air like he was begging for a foul or something. He realizes this is no longer the regular season, right?

This game was exasperated because ESPN was showing the 1987 NBA Finals earlier in the day. You know, back when a first quarter score would be around 38-35. (Which was the halftime of this abortion.)

This Cleveland/Boston series has the potential to be one of the worst in NBA history because neither team seems that interested in winning. And you have to believe that as the pressure mounts, this will only get worse.


GMoney said...

Not clutch??? Do you already forget game 5 of the East finals last year that your boy, Bill Simpson, dubbed LeBron's 48 Special???

That being said, he sucks dog balls last night.

NFL Adam said...

I think he just missed another layup while I was typing this.