Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Could the Rams Be Back?

Could the Rams be reborn in Los Angeles again? Yahoo! Sports is reporting that the St. Louis FC is for sale following the death of Georgia Frontandrearie.

But current owner Chip Rosenbloom is doing his best to quash those rumors by releasing this terse statement.

"It has only been four months since my mom passed away. Her passing immediately
caused speculation that we were selling the team. When a team is passed from one
generation to another it becomes to some a calling card that the team must be
for sale. So to reply to this article: Nothing has changed since my mom’s
passing. We’ve been approached by several people. We plan on using the season to
show that the performance on the field will be exciting and to honor my mom. And
while we deal with her estate I can assure you we have every intention of
keeping the Rams in St. Louis and will have no further comment on this article."

To honor his mom? Are they going to follow through with The Hatriot’s plan to honor Frontandrearie?

To honor the late (St. Louis FC) owner, all players in the NFC and AFC
championship games will wear a helmet sticker featuring a patch of blue water
with white bubbles rising to the surface in the shape of a dollar sign.

So who do you believe here? Michael Silver's numerous NFL sources, or the kid who stood on the dock watching while his mother sent hitmen into the water to drown his father?

Loo, no owner is going to come out and say that they are looking to sell the team, or that they plan to relocate. To do so, would cause the citizens of St. Louis to riot at area Walmarts and make their city look like Mogadishu.

Oh wait, too late for that.

This family – in particularly Georgia – has shown that they will do anything for money. Strip, run a franchise into the ground to take it to the highest bidder, and murder. So forgive me if this statement seems a little disingenuous.

One of the prospective owners for the new team, according to Silver's report, is Eddie DeBartolo. Interesting because it would mark the return of the DeBartolo daughters to the NFL. But the former 49ers owner taking control of the Rams? Pass. Having no football would be better than this. Especially when he has shown that he has no clue about the Los Angeles market.

“First of all, who's proven in L.A. that a damn team even works?" DeBartolo asked. "It didn't work for Al Davis, and he won a Super Bowl there. I think L.A. has yet to prove it wants to support a pro football team.”

Actually (expletive), the Raiders did do pretty good in Los Angeles. Hell, the Raiders still do good in Los Angeles and that franchise blows. The Coliseum commission is the reason why the Raiders are not in Los Angeles. Not the people of the city. And that's painful to say given the whole, you know ... but it is true.

What also is true is that we have probably haven't heard the last of this whole thing.

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Diane said...

Every loser living in his mom's basement is thanking his lucky stars he saved that cool Kevin Greene jersey

Cali Tejano said...

I'd trust Michael Silver, but do you think the Chargers are going to let that team move into Ed Roski's sandbox while they're still waiting for Chula Vista to come up with a viable stadium plan?

I didn't think so.

The Hatriot said...

Cali, you forget. The people of San Diego may be unwilling to fund a functional fire department. They may be unwilling to fund public education for their children. But they would gladly sell their kids and pets for medical experiments in order to build ever more luxurious staduims for the Spanos's to waste draft picks in.

Mr. Goodell said...

You are talking about one of the best owners in NFL history, shitball. Show some fucking respect.

Did Georgia sleep her way to the top of the NFL heep? Yes she did, but what is wrong with that. My wife is fucking her way to the top of Fox News so there is no shame in her game.

I'm going to give Georgia the biggest ovarie washing that you have ever seen in your life this season and it's all because you bitches keep pushing me.

Robster said...

Hatriot -- We're consolidating our East County fire departments so we should be fine.

Now they just need to put those damned above ground power lines underground before the next Santa Ana winds break them.