Monday, May 12, 2008

And Warner Is Losing Out To Him?

Players who have a few, um, indiscretions can expect to be spoofed on the requisite late-night talk shows and Saturday Night Live. But now it looks like Jeopardy! is getting into the act, taking on Cardinals quarterback Matt Leinart in this clip found on FanHouse.

You can imagine that Nick Lachey was watching this at home when he threw a Coors Light at the television screaming,"I was at that (expletive) party, too!"

Yeah, like he was watching Jeopardy!.

Sadly, this wasn't the worst thing that has happened to the Cardinals this year.


Pierre LePud said...

Trebek's wife is a hottie. Check it oot...

Now that's what it's all aboot!

Mr. Goodell said...

I'd hit it.

Kordell said...


Fletch said...

For the Cards, any press that doesn't mention their losing ways is good press.