Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Alyssa Milano

Greetings, it's your old pal McLean Stevenson here, the king of career choices. Being the king allows me to make fun of other people who are making bigger mistakes than I ever did. This is the part where I would link back to my own personal blog. But I don't update my own blog because I have a life.

Just kidding. It's because I'm dead, people. How do you still not get this?

Alyssa Milano is moving on to the NFL.

Not that way, you jerks. Her clothing line is expanding to include the NFL. I have got to agree with Cali Tejano here that you probably won’t see many female Raiders fans wearing this kind of garb. Unless her line expands to flannel shirts and wife beaters.

And maybe a couple of extra sizes, too.

Maybe the Raiders aren’t the right team to market to, especially since most Raiders clothing is acquired via the five-finger discount. Or welfare stamps. But on closer inspection, it seems that those earrings and necklaces also could double as electric monitoring equipment for Raiders fans serving their sentence under house arrest. That’s sure genius of her to combine two great passions in Raiders fans lives, crime and gaudy jewelry.

I have to give her the thumbs up.


Cali Tejano said...

Thanks, Adam. I needed a good laugh, but you forgot about the other source of our clothing options: the California penal system.

Orange goes great with silver and black. Just ask Tony Stewart.

Anonymous said...

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