Wednesday, April 30, 2008

THN's Great Bar Debates

Have you ever debated a seriously philosophical question in a bar, and then -- the next morning -- wondered what the heck all of the fuss was about when you, ah, had some time to think about it?

Who hasn’t, right? Budweiser (or maybe it was Coors) made a series of commercials like this posing questions like, Mary Ann or Ginger?

The Hater Nation isn’t above stealing a good idea and, here is this week’s question. Last week, the readers of THN felt that Chris Berman was a huge d-bag, but worse than watching the WNBA. To be honest, that seemed like kind of an upset. As Titan Tim pointed out, you could have just wagered on the WNBA games to make them watchable.

Now, it's time for this week's question. Roger Clemens and Karl Malone have made huge news this week for their affairs with under-aged girls. Clemens was linked to Mindy McCready back when she was just a teenager. Malone went one better by impregnating a 12-year-old girl when he was still in college. So here is this week's question?

Who would you rather have look after your teenage daughter?
Roger Clemens
Karl Malone
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THN's answer: Malone will at least wear protection because he is deathly afraid of HIV. Plus, his bastard son grew up to be an NFL player. So you might have to do with Malone here.

And hell, it's a three-day weekend for me, so here's two more gratuitous polls to get you to the Weak Ender.

Who will be the first to "hit" Miley Cyrus?
Roger Clemens
Karl Malone
Billy Ray has already "hit" that
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How could you pick that? You're sick.

Who is really the father of Jamie Lynn Spears baby?
Roger Clemens
Karl Malone
Conrad Bain
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DAWUSS said...

First poll: Why the hell do I need someone need to look after my teenage daughter? She doesn't need a babysitter any more.

Second poll: You know he's already hit that. I wanna' say more, but I shouldn't say anything I might regret later on...

Third poll: Conrad Bain.

Fletch said...

I got down with a five year old. Amateurs.

- Jacko

Cali Tejano said...

That first question made me cringe, and I don't even have kids.

As far as I know.

Diane said...

Let's not forget the Rocket getting John Daly's sloppy seconds.

Yiddish Steel said...

Just when I thought this place had hit bottom... You always seem to find a bigger shovel and keep digging. That's why I keep coming back.