Wednesday, April 23, 2008

THN's Great Bar Debates

Have you ever debated a seriously philosophical question in a bar, and then -- the next morning -- wondered what the heck all of the fuss was about when you, ah, had some time to think about it?

Who hasn’t, right? Budweiser (or maybe it was Coors) made a series of commercials like this posing questions like, Mary Ann or Ginger?

The Hater Nation isn’t above stealing a good idea and, here is this week’s question. Last week, the chance to punch Jeremy Shockey in the face won out over free Guinness for a year.

Congratulations to the Comment Monkeys who last week picked a free Las Vegas vacation over the opportunity to beat the crap out of Jim Nantz or Joe Buck. Although, many of you chose to take a free shot at Jeremy Shockey instead of getting a free year's worth of Guinness. Funny, yours truly went opposite on both.

This week, we take a look at Chris Berman. (Seems appropriate with the NFL draft coming up this weekend.) Now, let's be honest, Deadspin hasn't done a media approval rating for Berman but it's going to be pretty low. The question isn't if you would get rid of Berman if you could, but rather, what would you do to get rid of him?

So here's the question, would you rid television/radio/print of Chris Berman in exchange for watching an entire year of the WNBA. Every game, wire-to-wire.

Would you watch an entire year of WNBA basketball if it meant that Chris Berman went into witness relocation and was never ever heard from again?


Cali Tejano said...

I'll stick with Berman. It's kind of funny when he and former Donks linebacker Tom Jackson sing the "Los Angeles Super Chargers of the City of Industry" fight song during NFL Live.

Whoops. I got ahead of myself by one year. LOL

Mr. Goodell said...

Speaking of being a year ahead, I'm working on getting ESPN the hell out of the NFL Draft meaning that you won't have to see him much at all anymore. I already emasculated ESPN's highlight show by giving it to NBC.

Besides, I have my own smug asshole - Rich Eisen - to promote. I just hope Radio City Music Hall has handicap parking so Rich has a place to park his BMW.

syrius said...

j'adore le football américain

A bientôt, venez voir mes peintures...


DAWUSS said...

Are the women in the WNBA hot? Just need that clarification.

Diane said...

By defending Danica Patrick, I've been excused from watching any WNBA. (See, The Feminist Handbook, Ch. 4).

Jeff V said...

I must seriously be the last person that enjoys Chris Berman and/or Bill Simmons

/waiting for inevitable onslaught of comments with the words 'douche' and 'bag' involved.

Scott said...

Now that Bryant Gumbel is gone, everyone else just became more tolerable.

NFL Adam said...

Nobody was more surprised than me when Bill Simpson received a favorable media rating from Deadspin. I didn't realize how many Red Sox/Patriots fans there are out there.

But knowing the douche that Simpson is, he's probably pissed that he didn't get 99 percent.

DAWUSS said...

I didn't realize how many Red Sox/Patriots fans there are out there.

Y'know, in all honesty, I do have a soft spot for Patriots fans. I guess that's what happens when you live in the 317 area code and hate the NFL team that resides there.

Titan Tim said...

Simply gamble on the sport - that would make it tolerable.

That is an easy out. I was afraid you were going to go Old Testament and ask to sacrifice a bunch of goats / ox's and enslave another country.

I'd still do it.

GMoney said...

I have to vote to keep Berman around. I just couldn't stomach an entire season of dyke hoops.

buckyor said...

Nobody was more surprised than me when Bill Simpson received a favorable media rating from Deadspin.

You think Simpson's bad? You should read Dan Shanoff. I had never heard of the guy until a blog that focuses on my alma mater's football program began bringing him up with some regularity, culminating with Q&A with him about a week ago.

Christ what a maroon; I'm embarrassed to share my alma mater with that asshole.

Anonymous said...


The chance of having to see WNBA commissioner Condoleezza Rice would be too great. But thanks for asking.

NFL Adam said...

"marc" is now the commish of the WNBA? Makes sense given his hoops background.