Wednesday, April 16, 2008

THN's Great Bar Debates

Have you ever debated a seriously philosophical question in a bar, and then -- the next morning -- wondered what the heck all of the fuss was about when you, ah, had some time to think about it?

Who hasn’t, right? Budweiser (or maybe it was Coors) made a series of commercials like this posing questions like, Mary Ann or Ginger?

The Hater Nation isn’t above stealing a good idea and, here is this week’s question. Last week, the chance to punch Jeremy Shockey in the face won out over free Guinness for a year.

Are THN fans still feeling violent?

Without further ado, would you rather have an all-expense paid trip to Las Vegas, accommodations at the Bellagio, plus a little bit of seed money. Or would you rather have the opportunity to beat the hell out of Jim Nantz and/or Joe Buck for five minutes like a bunch of teenage chicks in Florida.

Which would you chose?
Free Vegas vacation
The chance to beat the hell out of Jim Nantz and/or Joe Buck for five minutes


Diane said...

5 minutes? I just want one swing with a baseball bat at Nantz's smug head

Fletch said...

Uh, yeah, I'll take the trip. Those guys are annoying, but I can't say that I care enough to choose that over Vegas. Change Vegas to Branson or Buck to Joe Morgan and I just might change my mind, though...

Anonymous said...

I've been to Vegas. I've never been to Smug-Asshole-Announcer-Beatdownville

WCT said...

Vegas. This is a no-brainer. You should change the other side to Skip Bayless, and then we would have to think about it