Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Somebody Owes Us Hooters

The Angels scored nine runs on Wednesday afternoon, coming one run way from giving all fans in attendance 10 mediocre wings served by bimbos in orange shorts.

Why should Roy Williams have all of the fun, right?

Mike Napoli and Vladimir Guerrero each hit bombs (and they were absolute blasts) to lead the Angels. Hopefully this will quiet Vlad's critics who are concerned that he hasn't hit 16 home runs already this season.

Dodgers fans were once again represented in the ballpark. And really, you can't blame them. Who the hell wants to live in Los Angeles? And besides, the stadium sucks. If I got to heaven and it was Dodger Stadium, I would ask to go to hell. The place is nearly impossible to get in to, even worse to leave and they charge double of what they do at Angels Stadium. Oh, and you get to tailgate at an Angels game, like civilized human being. Angels Stadium does have rats, but they are much more well behaved than Dodgers fans, and less dangerous.

Though, Dodgers fans are more often seen eating food off the floor than the rats.

The most curious thing is that Dodgers fans were at an Angels game at the same time that a Dodgers game was going on. Not that it was in L.A. (it was in Arizona). But wouldn't a real fan want to watch his own game rather than traveling 40 miles to go to some other team's ballpark? Losers. But hey, at least they got to see a win in a decent ballpark for a change.


Mr. Goodell said...

You are kidding me with this, right?

DAWUSS said...

I'm gonna' have to agree with the Commish on this one.

Enjoy your Hooters, though.

My word verification is "hwmuanp", which is what I mentioned at the sight of that Hooters chick. She's OK by Indiana standards, which is somewhere ranging from "low" to "medium"

Kordell said...

You've posted that Hooters girl before. Are you saying you want me to tap her again?

Dr. Doug said...

That's exactly right! Screw you Dodger fans!

Liberace said...

I'd hit it.