Tuesday, April 15, 2008

NFL Misses Its Chance

Congratulations to the NFL for making a mockery of Jackie Robinson Day in Major League Baseball by creating a non-event like the revealing of the NFL schedule. Sorry, but we already know the opponents. Does it matter when the Chargers are hosting the Panthers? That was so urgent, that had to be known today.

The NFL released the prime time games during baseball’s opening day, but trying to draw away attention from Jackie Robinson seems rather low. And as Lil’ Hater said, having Al Campanis read the schedule was just an unnecessary shot.

(Somebody might want to tell him that it was actually John Madden adding his thoughts.)

Not that you can completely fault the NFL. They have this huge network that nobody is watching. There are only so many times you can show the making of the Chargers Girls or the Tuck Rule game. (Although the latter get better with each viewing.)

If the NFL really wanted to strike a blow against baseball, how about a two-hour special on Kenny Washington and Woody Strode – two African American players and UCLA teammates of Robinson who signed with the Los Angeles Rams in 1946. A full-year before Robinson broke the color barrier in baseball. (Plus there was Fritz Pollard, an African American who was a quarterback and a coach in the 1920s.)

The NFL, for whatever reason, hates its history. Instead of making taking an opportunity to share its own connection with Robinson, the NFL chose a “look at me” moment like the releasing of the schedule to try to prove its point. Good idea.

Now, I didn’t have a chance to glean the schedule much, other than some of the highlights that came across my desk. The Chargers have six primetime games, meaning they are destined to a go 6-10. The Cardinals and 49ers will tangle once again in primetime, showing the league didn’t learn its lesson from last year.

Lil’ Hater, however, was able to add some additional thoughts.

Based on the five seconds I spent looking at the schedule I say the Raiders go 4-12 (again), Hat goes 10-6 and the Giants have 14 TV appearances in Southern California. Wake me up when the season’s over.

Word Lil’ Hater, word.


Diane said...

Now this post was not pointless . . .

DAWUSS said...

You still have a long way to go before being the next Neal Boortz.

My word verification was "heyyjv", which has been one of the easiest word verifications I've had during my time on THN.

Mr. Goodell said...

I don't know how to respond to this other than, shut your damn mouth. Nobody cares about the NFL PMG. That's Pre Mr. Goodell. The NFL was a rudderless ship drifting aimlessly in the sea of sports. Ratings were low, as nobody cared about the league. All of the owners were losing money. Newspapers carried only wire copy and buried the news deep on Page 10.

That all changed when Mr. Goodell took over. I have taken the league to new damn heights and it is all because of me. If it wasn't for me, the NFL would be on the verge of folding like the Arena League. I have made the sport what it is today. Not these pioneers.

Just for this lack of respect, I am going to suspend Pacman Jones for another damn year to teach you and everybody else a lesson. You don't mess with Mr. Goodell.

Anonymous said...

talk about missing their chance, how come there is nothing here about Stephen Cooper and his 4 game suspension for....wait for it...STEROIDS???????????? dolt fans dont want to talk about ROIDS huh??????? this is what?? 2 now??
first Fairyman and now this?? this dude was busted in 2002 with 1000 pills in his duffelbag?? he says he "mistakenly" took a banned substance in his statement to the press.RIGHT. losers...