Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Gomer Getting Pissy With the Linemen

Michael David Smith at FanHouse has the transcript.

Manning: Damn it! Hey! Quit calling the (expletive) plays, all right?

Saturday: We've got to run the ball.

Manning: Bull (expletive)!

Saturday: We're six down here.

Manning: When you pass block, block. We'll run the (expletive) ball.

Saturday: Can we run it?

Manning: Yeah, Jeff, we will. When we call pass plays (expletive) block.

Glenn: Go sit down!

Manning: I will sit down! You all quit yelling!

Glenn: You're over here telling us how to block.

Manning: He's doing it! He's yelling at us!

Glenn: You don't have to yell.

The idea here was to post a fake transcript with Gomer coming off like a little (female dog). But really, you didn't have to do anything to this. Start from the bolded line and work down. These guys are yelling about who is doing the yelling. Like a bunch of junior high chicks in detention trying to figure out who made out with Billy under the bleachers.

How about butching up guys?

You almost expect Jeff Saturday or Tarik Glenn to run up to Tony Fundy complaining that Gomer is being mean.

I actually almost started to like Gomer a little bit more for getting redassed as his teammates. But after reading that exchange, it's just so embarrassing.


DAWUSS said...

Here in Indianapolis, the NFL's most overrated QB is infallible, and kickers are scapegoats.

I still wish New England would have denied them a trip to Miami and Super Bowl XL.

Mike Pollak said...


Jim Sorgi's mom said...

Why this bum is still starting is beyond me.

Diane said...

I guess there were no Isotoner gloves given out this past Xmas.

NFL Adam said...

You have to love Sorgi getting into the mix at the end there.

Free Baseball Pick said...

dang i never woulda thought manning would get all crazy like that -_-