Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Can't Henry Just Relax?

If you are ever attacked in Cincinnati, just tell the police that the assailant was Chris Henry. Odds are, they will believe you.

An arrest warrant has been issued for Henry by a man who claims that the Bengals part time receiver/full-time pain-in-the-ass assaulted him and threw a beer bottle through his car window.

What, are they even pursuing this? This is how Henry relaxes during the offseason. Hell, if they issued an arrest warrant every time Henry punched somebody or threw a beer bottle through a car window, the Cincinnati police would never be able to spark any race riots.

The police need to let Henry do his thing.

Hat tip: FanHouse


Bain said...

So what are the damn Angels up to?

NFL Adam said...

Thank you for asking. The home opener kicks off the Weak Ender!

Anonymous said...

How the heck can Henry be a pain the ass for a team he doesn't play for?

Cali Tejano said...

The Bengals cut him. Just what the Raiders need. LOL

NFL Adam said...

Good thought, but the Cowboys are scooping up all of the jerks now.