Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Bad News For Receivers

NFL receivers are going to have to actually catch the football this year. The NFL has eliminated the "force-out" rule, where referees were forced to determine if a receiver would have come in bounds if not forced out by the receiver. The less thinking referees have to do, the better.

Terrell Owens, however, was not taking the news well.

The rule always seemed counterintuitive to what defenders are doing on the field. If not, then why even have defenders on the field at all? For instance, couldn't a quarterback argue that he was going to throw a touchdown pass had he not been sacked? Defenders should be able to use the sideline to keep receivers from catching the football.

Although, it would be sweet if a airborne receiver was caught mid-air in the middle of the field and escorted to the sidelines without reaching the ground, making the pass incomplete. Just don't hold your breath on that one.

The league did reject another rule proposal that would make merely touching a thrown ball a reception. The only team to vote "yes" on that rule was the Seahawks. The league also rejected the Lions attempt to turn the NFL into two-hand touch. But hey, we are making progress.

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