Friday, March 28, 2008

The Weak Ender

Congratulations Cowboys haters, Dallas is doomed for the conceivable future. Tony Romo and Jessica Simpson are married.

That sound you hear is millions of Cowboys fans worldwide wailing in unison.

But if there is one consolation for Cowboys fans, it's that Simpson doesn't really take her marriage vows that seriously. Meaning, there is a chance this could end in a quick divorce. And just look how well Nick Lachey's life has gone since the divorce.

Oh wait, that's right. In other words, Romo will find himself mugging for the cameras as his brother wins Dancing with the Stars.

Thanks to Tennessee, yours truly won't have to sweat out a Final Four bracket this year. Mainly because the resident genius picked the Volunteers to win it all, in a bid to combat all of the people who would be picking UCLA, North Carolina and, you know, good teams.

Bruce Pearl certainly is a likable guy, but his team certainly got out-worked in every facet of the game last night. Louisville looked awesome and you would think that the Tar Heels would be nervous. But some thought that Washington State was going to give Carolina a battle, too. But the Cardinals are now my pick to win it all, mainly because picking chalk sucks.

(BTW: You were this close to having the Pat Summit cheer leading picture here.)

And a word on Kevin Love, why are so people obsessed with his NBA potential instead of just enjoying him play? The only reason people even question if his skills will translate in the NBA is because he is white. And if Don McLean and Jack Haley have taught us anything, tall white dudes always will have a place on an NBA roster.

And look, Nick Fazekas is playing with the Clippers right now.

This comes from our friend Fletch, who found this review of the new film 21. The movie is based (movie code for "it's going to blow") on a group of MIT students who were able to beat a couple of casinos in Las Vegas by using an elaborate card-counting system. A group of Asian males, that is.

And if you missed the trailer (and lord knows how), you will notice there is only one wise-cracking Asian broad in the movie. Now we can all appreciate taking some Asians out of a movie, but what is egregious is that the geography of the Las Vegas strip is completely obliterated. The penthouse at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino overlooks the Bellagio fountains, along with other errors. Lame.

That would be akin to having two New York football teams and having them play in New Jersey.


The Hatriot said...

First it was Mississippi Valley State, then Texas A&M. Last night it was Western Kentucky. Even if they don't go all the way, the Bruins have done America a great service by eliminating these inbred, hillbilly, backward-ass "colleges" from the tourney. I'll bet the plume of chicken feathers, bull semen and creation science pamphlets can be seen from space. My verification word is "eqpjw" which is what the average Aggie thinks Adam yelled as he rode his Brontosaurus around Eden.

DAWUSS said...

Diane said...

"My verification word is "eqpjw" which is what the average Aggie thinks Adam yelled as he rode his Brontosaurus around Eden."

Classic . . .

Neil Joshi said...

Louisville is looking really good right now, and Pitino's 8-0 career record in Sweet 16 games is phenomenal. I'm really looking for a Texas/Louisville final, but I think UNC and UCLA will have something to say about that. I loved the way the Horns responded after the Lopez twins cut it to one. I would like Louisville's a lot more if the game weren't played in Charlotte.

Cali Tejano said...

I own "Bringing Down The House" and there's no way you can do that book justice with Kevin Spacey in it. I'll wait for Encore to play it so my cheap ass won't have to shell out $20 for the DVD.

So who's still on track for the Miller High Life?