Thursday, March 06, 2008

The Weak Ender

Reggie Bush and Kim Kardashian are doing their part to keep up distracted from Favre-mania. The couple was seen in the Dominican Republic, probably because Bush can't get deported back to the United States to show up to his deposition. The photographs were a nice effort, but until they want to step up for the full-on sex tape, then there is really no reason to fuss over all of this.

This is kind of like when women go from Playboy to Sports Illustrated, like Jeff Garcia's wife. You can't go backwards in this kind of thing. So not only does Bush and Kardashian owe us a sex tape, they need to make the sequel more over the top.

And one thing, Kim. You might want to hang out with our pal Gina Cruz and let her know that not all angles are flattering.


Didn't get enough of Brett Favre this week? The Los Angeles Times reports that NFL Network will be showing 30 hours of Favre this weekend. Do you suppose they will be showing highlights of Super Bowl XXXII? Doubtful.

This scheduling, however, does lead to a couple of questions. First, when are they going to reschedule the 945th viewing of the "Making of the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders?" And how does this impact the repeated viewing of the "Making of the San Diego Chargers" video?

And second, the NFL Network has something to show during the offseason? Thought that NFL Network just turned into the test pattern once the season ended. They have an awfully lot of time to kill on that Network considering that they do only an hour of original programing each day. Couldn't they throw Joe Thiesmann a bone and give him some show on the Network?

Just asking.

  • Does UCLA have the worst fans ever? That's the only conclusion you can come up with after watching that UCLA vs. Stanford game on Thursday night. Has their ever been a bigger collection of non-factor fans than the Bruins? They seem like a lame version of the Cameron Crazies. They need to come up with some gimmick or something, because it's just sad.
  • The Green Bay Packers are said to be looking at Redskins backup quarterback Mark Brunnell. That might not be a bad move considering that Aaron Rogers hasn't exactly been the picture of health in limited appearances.
  • St. Louis FC is believed to be interested in Trent Green. The AFL quarterback on the bench is pretty excited about this news.


flohtingPoint said...

they need to make the sequel more over the top.

Ah man, I wouldn't even watch one if it came out. The first one was boring as hell. There was more of Ray-J dancing and Kim putting make-up than them actually getting busy. And hell, even when they were getting busy, she was giving the worlds most boring head and covering up as much of her body as possible.

Diane said...

The one thing certain about Favre's future career as a broadcaster/analyst/color guy/whatever? He can't be any worse than Jason Sehorn.

(Note to Kim - horizontal stripes aren't for everyone)

insomniac said...

C'mon now. The Bruins were down 11with a little over 5 minutes to go and Pauley was still packed. If this were a Clippers/Lakers/Trojans game, it would have been half empty as people left to beat traffic.

If by "non-factor," you're referring to influence over the officiating, then I'm glad to see that you're one of the few people not complaining about the call at the end of the game.

And yeah, I know I just went for the bait. And no, I'm not proud.

Anonymous said...

I appreciated the foul call because UCLA covered.

Blonde said...

Kim Kardashian looks like her pussy and her feet both smell bad.