Wednesday, March 26, 2008

There's Another War Coming

Animosity between the United States and England could reach a fever pitch if the National Football League makes good on its plan of having four games played in England each season. English futbol fans have a reputation for rioting over riveting soccer games, how pissed do you think they are going to be if they have to sit through three hours of the Cardinals vs. Bills?

The crowds could get ugly.

And much like the colonists rejecting tyranny and higher taxes, how long do you think it’s going to taken British citizens to swallow the NFL’s trash before they dump boxes of Chad Johnson jerseys into the English Channel?

This cannot end well.

The games is all part of some grand NFL scheme to have 16 games at neutral sites each season. And to make room, the league is considering adding a 17th game to each season. The good news for all of this would be one less preseason game (thank God) and an extra week for fantasy football.

Pro Football Talk, which first broke the story, indicated that the NFL might consider playing eight exhibition games in Los Angeles as a way to give Southern California it’s NFL fix, yet placate all of the transplants. And that sounds like an absolutely wonderful idea except for one small, minor detail. So small, I’m almost embarrassed to mention it.


The reason Los Angeles doesn’t have a football team is because there isn’t an NFL ready stadium out here. The NFL’s money grubbing seems possible, but not the possibility of having eight games in Los Angeles.


Diane said...

Hey - I went to a football match between the two rival clubs of Edinburgh - the Hearts of Midlothian and the Hibernians. Or Hearts vs. Hibs. The game - won by the Hibs - was followed by rioting in the streets of Edinburgh, and I have to say that soccer riots aren't really that big of a deal. Or maybe we just didn't notice from the Hearts pub we were drinking in.

It was a lot less scary than attending the Raiders/Rams game at the Coliseum, that's for damn sure.

DAWUSS said...

how pissed do you think they are going to be if they have to sit through three hours of the Cardinals vs. Bills?

Not as pissed as seeing the St. Louis Rams vs. the Chokeland Raitards, right?

Fletch said...

Nice label. Traffic low?

I think SoCal has had enough football lately, what with every Gints game being broadcast there, don't you?

Scott said...

You really think "lindsey lohan naked" even raises an eyebrow anymore? 2006 called, and they want their rumors back.