Monday, March 17, 2008

Raiders Will Drive Up Price on Own Player

The Raiders deal for DeAngelo Hall has hit a snag recently. The two teams have worked out the deal in terms of compensation (a second- and sixth-round pick). Now the two sides are struggling because of money. Hall wants to be paid Asante Samuel money. And you know what, so does Nnamdi Asomugha.

The Raiders franchised Asomugha this year, meaning that he will be paid among the top five corner backs in the NFL. So when Hall gets paid, Asomugha will be paid. In other words, the Raiders are negotiating to drive up the price of their existing players.

And that will likely push him out of the Raiders budget. So while all of the Raiders fans are likely dreaming of having a defensive backfield with Hall and Asomugha, that likely won't be the case because the Raiders will likely have to drop their franchise corner for Hall.

In other words, they will be trading a good guy and team player for a head case like Hall. Great move, Raiders.

And be sure to join the Hardwood Apocalypse.


Robster said...

Let Hall remain in Atlanta so he can call out the next coach that quits on him. We don't need him at that salary. I'd rather have what we have now than the defensive equivalent of Jerry Porter.

flohtingPoint said...

The Raiders also get to look forward to overpaying the 4th pick in the draft! High five Al Davis!

Robster said...

I just thought of a way for the Raiders to save money. Trade the fourth overall pick to Cincy for Chad Johnson. At least he'll go over the middle and catch the ball, something a Raiders receiver hasn't done'm drawing a blank here. Help?

Fletch said...

I thought this was an Angels blog? [/someone else]