Sunday, March 02, 2008

The Post Mortem

The woman on the left is Jason Kidd's wife, Hope Dworaczyk. And the photo on the right is how Hope looked after Kidd choked in the Mavericks' loss to the Lakers on Sunday afternoon.

How has Kidd survived this long in the NBA without ever learning how to shoot the ball? There were jokes that Mavericks fans used to call him Ason Kidd because he has no "J" and that was during his first stint with the team. That is akin to being an auto mechanic, but not being able too fix cars. At some point, shouldn't Kidd have gone out and shot the ball?

Maybe we are just spoiled by a guy like Magic Johnson who spent each offseason finding something to get better at. No surprise that Johnson won five titles during one of the most competitive eras of the NBA and Kidd has none.

And one of the biggest storyline in the NBA this season has to be the rebirth of Mark Cuban's hair. The guy once had this thin, floppy mess, but now he looks like Elvis.

And a special thank you to our buddies over at on 205th for the photos.

Congratulations to the San Francisco 49ers for becoming the West Coast version of the Washington Redskins. The 49ers made some of the biggest free agent signings of the weekend, but just who did they get? Defensive end Justin Smith, who many Bengals fans (alright, just Titan Tim) were happy to see go. Issac Bruce also signed with the 49ers.

First of all, Bruce should just retire. But, it was bad enough that Bruce joined St. Louis FC after the L.A. Rams franchise folded. And now he's playing for Frisco? Why not just play a year with the Raiders? The last L.A. Rams player is ending his career in San Francisco. What a joke.

Oh, and those were two of the 49ers better signings. Good luck next year, 49ers. Mike Nolan will get more chances to wear a suit, as his team is buried week after week.

The Eagles made a great move in signing Asante Samuel, but that move won't mean much if they don't trade Lito Sheppard. Donovan McNabb is looking for playmakers, and Eagles fans are looking for a quarterback who doesn't choke. So you can't always get what you want. But good for the Eagles for not overpaying for garbage like Bernard Berrian. The Eagles should hang on the Sheppard (if possible) and have one of the most imposing corner back tandems and look for a playmaker in the draft.

The Browns made a lot of solid moves, and this team was on the cusp of the playoffs last season. On the defensive side at least. Not sure about Donte Stallworth, Browns fans. But he won't be counted on to be the key receiver (despite being overpaid).

Jerry Porter to the Jaguars? *Yawn*

The Jets are really making a huge push on both lines. But Kris Jenkins is trouble. Damien Woody (who is in for a visit on Monday) is old. Alan Faneca, though, was a great move.

The Bills did get a lot better with Marcus Stroud and Spencer Johnson, an underrated defensive tackle from Minnesota. This could be interesting for the Bills. Stroud was suspended for four games last season because of steroids, but he's still a good player if the problems are in the past.

Randy Moss is the last key free agent available (other than the franchised guys and Antwan Odom). There is a lot of speculation on where Moss will end up. Some believe that Moss and the Patriots are close to a deal in New England. NFL Network's Adam Schefter tossed out the idea of Moss going to the Green Bay Packers. Pro Football Talk speculated about Moss to the Colts.

And yeah, you can totally see Gomer working with Moss.

But what about Moss to the Saints? Could you imagine that offense with Moss? They might score more points than the Patriots did this season. That idea might seem crazy, but that would be a great move for Moss. Marques Colston, Reggie Bush and Moss. That would be cool.

Congratulations to Carl Edwards winning the final NASCAR race of the season. What, there are still more races to go? Well, this is the final race that THN will have any interest in. Daytona always is good fun. Then it's California Motor Speedway followed by Las Vegas. Then NASCAR seems to run out of steam. But THN will give it the old college try. And by "college try," that means doing a beer bong before watching the race.


Anonymous said...

Reggie Bush? He already has enough trouble penetrating the fat of Kardashian's ass, let alone an offensive line. He's a bust.

flohtingPoint said...

Speaking of Jason Kidd and not being able to shoot, last time I checked the stats, Jason Kidd was closing in near Dan Majerle in terms of 3pt shots attempted. Jason is also closing in on Antoine Walkers all time record for "Most Ill-Advised Shots Hoisted Up In A Career".

Brian said...

Sources say Moss to Pats is a done deal

Anonymous said...

The real Moss will come out this year when the Patriots go 5-11.

Anonymous said... is saying that the deal is done.

Seitz said...

Reggie who? I think you misspelled Former Illini Pierre Thomas.

Dave said...

Reggie Bush has 161 receptions in his first two years. Receivers would kill for those kind of numbers.

Anonymous said...

For a whopping 1159 yds.

How about his awesome rushing numbers: 28 games 312 carries for 1146 yds longest being 22 yds.

Adrian Peterson in 14 games 238 for 1341 yds longest being 73 yds.

Aaron Stecker is doing better behind the same exact line. Bush is the most expensive decoy in the league.

Robster said...

Reggie Bush has 161 receptions in his first two years. Receivers would kill for those kind of numbers.

Sure, if we're talking Rae Carruth.

Dave said...

You can't compare Peterson to Bush because the Vikings have a much better offensive line. Bush is fine. Don't be a hater.

NFL Adam said...

I'm not sure if you are familiar with what we do here.

Robster said...

I have a lot more respect for Adrian Peterson than Reggie Bush, Brady Quinn, Matt Leinhart, etc., because he had more touchdowns than commercials last year. You can't say that about the golden children of USC and Notre Dame.

flohtingPoint said...

I'm not sure if you are familiar with what we do here.


@Dave: Reggie catches alot of pointless dump passes because they throw the ball a ton and Drew has no checkdown skill. He'll look receiver then go for a flat pass to Reggie if his primary target is not open.

Steven Jackson had a crapload of catches in 06 but nobody cared because he doesn't sell Subway... Well that and you know, he actually could run the ball and put down 1500 yards.