Monday, March 17, 2008

The Post Mortem: A Hater Nation Divided

Cal State Fullerton makes the tournament for the first time 30 years and the Titans get matched against Wisconsin. Personally, Duke probably would have been a much better fit. The whole arena would have been cheering for Fullerton. The sports books definitely would have been pulling for the Titans, but instead it’s Wisconsin. A team that draws a huge number of fans to sporting events. A team that draws huge crowds to the Las Vegas sports book. And a team that half of The Hater Nation pulls for.

Gentlemen, I am so sorry that Fullerton has to end the Badgers season. But remember, the longer you go, the more it hurts so consider this kind of a mercy killing.

(And thankfully for the rest of you, my tournament ramblings can be found on the AOL Fan House site, so I won’t bore you too much.)

The Raiders are in talks to bring DeAngelo Hall to Oakland in exchange for second- and sixth- round picks. This actually isn’t a bad move for the Raiders. They need some help in the secondary and Hall is a great cornerback. These are the kinds of moves that the Raiders would make back in the day, taking a troubled players and teaching him to win the Raiders way.

But that was then. Now the Raiders way is being overpaid and underachieving. And well, Hall should be able to do that quite well.

Since there will be some rooting interest in this year’s brackets, you are all invited to join us here in The Hater Nation’s pool. Grand Prize will be 32 ounce Miller High Life (bottle).

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Anonymous said...

Grand Prize will be 32 ounce Miller High Life (bottle).

...unless Bim Bim wins it, in which case nothing will be awarded and we'll pretend that the whole contest never happened.

Diane said...

Miller doesn't make a 40 ouncer? WTF?

NFL Adam said...

Who is Bim Bim? The GA Awards Comittee tried to reach him, but were rebuffed in their efforts.

Robster said...

Miller makes a 40-oz. Miller High Life. I have (burp), er, had proof.

Kaiser said...

I'm in, if i win, i better get that damn beer.

DAWUSS said...

I'm underage, so it's a non-issue for me

The Hatriot said...

I don't know if this helps the fence-sitters, but of the two schools, Wisconsin is the one whose building guidelines require the staircases and sleeping floors in all sorority houses to be structurally reinforced for weight bearing. CSUF is the one with the business program certified in both Extra Crispy and Original Recipe.