Monday, March 31, 2008

NFL Knows What Fans Want

The National Football League has its pulse on the arm of football fans everywhere. The NFL released its primetime schedule for Week 1 and it has all of usual suspects – the Giants, Gomer, Brett Favre (sort of) and the Raiders.

That’s right. The Raiders.

The Raiders will play host to the Broncos on the second Monday night game on Kickoff Weekend. Nothing says the NFL is kicked off like having a few Broncos fans getting treated for head injuries.

The Giants thing was a given. Super Bowl winners always get the Thursday primetime game. The Colts are opening a new stadium, so that figures. Favre’s number will likely be retired or something, so you know that the NFL had to show that.

But the Raiders?

This actually makes a lot of sense. The NFL is required to televise one primetime game for each team. And instead of showing a late-season Raiders game where the fans will be dressed as Darth Vader, pharaohs and empty seats – many, many empty seats – the NFL will show a game when there are actually fans in the seats. Mostly because the Raiders fans are typically brimming with confidence at the beginning of the year, no matter how fat their quarterback gets.

Much like a trip to the dentist, this is better just to get it over early and move on. That way, fans can go back to ignoring the Raiders.


Diane said...

January 1, 2008 - Rose Bowl Party in the LBC -

Raider fan:

"The Raiders look to be really good next season."

You gotta love that kind of blind optimism

Cali Tejano said...

We're not going to the Super Bowl, but I doubt we're going 4-12 again.

Well, as long as Tom Walsh and Art Shell don't come back once Al shoves Lane Kiffin out the door.

Anonymous said...

Denver WR Brandon Marshall and his cousin are scheduled at half time to wrestle in a rematch from last month. The winner will receive an Egg McMuffin!

NFL Adam said...

There was a dude sitting next to us at the National on Thursday decked out in his white Russell jersey and Raiders hat (backwards of course). He started to go on, and on, and on about the Raiders.

Mostly my fault because I told him that it wasn't football season.

I like to laugh, but at the same time, the AFC West is kind of pitiful. The Chargers still have Norv, KC blows and Denver isn't looking real good. But come on, the Raiders? They don't even know who their coach will be next season.

Diane said...

I think there's a distinction between the Raiders maybe being better next season and being "really good" - even in the AFC West.