Tuesday, March 04, 2008

The Golden Age for Raiders Haters

The Raiders have agreed to a deal with Javon Walker for $55 million that includes $27 million in the first three years, including $16 million guaranteed.

Walker, you might remember, held Darrent Williams in his lap as he died following a shooting outside of a nightclub. Now Walker has the Raiders in his lap as the franchise is dying. Some agents who heard about the news on NFL Network were stunned, even going so far as to wonder if it was April 1. There are even whispers that the Raiders management counsel was going to try to void the deal, though that doesn't seem possible.

The deal seems like a bad one, and it is. But you can't blame the Raiders. The Patriots got Randy Moss to take half of the money, and half of the years to stay in New England. But that's because people want to actually play in New England. The Raiders aren't going to get anybody to take a discount contract to play in Oakland. The only way for the Raiders to get anybody under contract is to overpay them.

And they are overpaying a guy who has knees of Jim Otto and the commitment of Todd Marinovich. The sources with the Broncos called him a head case and you have to wonder what kind of career he will have with the Raiders. Is he any better than the guy that they let go, Jerry Porter? The Raiders are desperate, and these kind of moves are going to ensure that the team continues to be the laughingstock of the NFL.

And it's awesome.


flohtingPoint said...

Between JaMarcus and Walker, the Raiders have a ton of money invested into two folks who are going to do nothing for the franchise. Could be worse though, you guys could have thrown 42 mil at former Cardinal, Calvin Pace

Tommy Tuck Rule said...

He must have to change Al Davis' colostomy bag every day to get that kind of scratch.

Robster said...

This sucks. I held out hope that we'd swing a trade to get Ocho Cinco from Cincinnati but not with this guy as our #1 receiver.

So when do we spend $12 a year on a good linebacker?

Pierre LePud said...

I would take the things you're hearing out of Denver regarding Walker with a grain of salt. Denver is a sports town with a raging, paranoia-based inferiority complex. As we learned last year during the World Series, any comment that the little men (seriously, most male Denver sports writers have full body photos on their driver's licenses) in the sports media can twist to be a slight to Denver's civic pride is blown completely out of proportion. Therefore, when Walker mused that he might want to go to another team because Brandon Marshall, it's no suprise that within two weeks the Denver Post was editorializing that he should be traded back to the franchise where he came from... Al-Qaeda.

Take what you hear out of the Denver sports media witth a grain of Napolean Syndrome.

btw, my word was "nbirxpy", which is a variation of pickled herring that goes great with Labatt's, eh!