Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Eli Messiah: Underwear Model

This was only a matter of time. The Manning brothers could only endorse so many products until finally somebody stepped up and asked them to model underwear.

And to everybody's surprise, it's a men's underwear company.

The company 2(x)ist, that made Jason Burnhorn-Harmon a star, has now asked Eli Messiah to model underwear. No, for real.

You would figure that this was a practical joke if the show Punk'd was still in production. Instead the joke is going to be on us if Eli actually goes through with it.

And that's the scary part. The media-whoring Manning brothers don't really turn down too many offers. Because if they did, we would like to know what kind of (expletive) they are turning down if they agreed to do that homo-erotic Oreo cookie ad. But hey, maybe there's a chance for some synergy as they could have a underwear-clad Eli licking an Oreo cookie.

Good luck getting that image out of your heads.


Robster said...

Isn't he about as ripped as JaMarcus Russell?

DAWUSS said...

Does Blonde still get off to those two?

Diane said...

The only possible (albeit disturbing) explanation is that Eli is hung like a horse.

NBA Pick said...

i really hope he turns this down... i dont really care to see eli manning in his tighty-whities on tv. thanx, but no thanx.