Monday, March 24, 2008

Chad Johnson

Greetings, it's your old pal McLean Stevenson here, the king of career choices. Being the king allows me to make fun of other people who are making bigger mistakes than I ever did. This is the part where I would link back to my own personal blog, but I don't update it because I have a life.

Just kidding. It's because I'm dead, people. How do you still now get this?

I agree with Chad Johnson for not wanting to go to voluntary workouts. The Bengals need recognize that Johnson sells the tickets and show him some love immediately. There's nothing worse than having some other co-workers -- some not as talented co-workers -- getting all of the lines an accolades that you so richly deserve. When I first tried out for M*A*S*H, I thought I was going to play Hawkeye.

I mean, didn't they recognize my genius in That Girl?

I instead took the role of Henry Blake and quickly became the star. I was the reason that the show was such a runaway success. But all of a sudden, I was playing second-fiddle to that jackass Alan Alda and his portrayal of Hawkeye. But that jerk couldn't carry my stethoscope. (And if you ask me, that T.J. Houshmawhatsmyname reminds me a lot of that creep Alda.) I finally had enough and asked out of my contract.

And it worked out great. Sure, ended up walking out on one of the greatest shows in T.V. history but I was the freaking star of Hello, Larry. But Chad, at least you don't have to worry about that in Cincinnati.

So you do your thing, Chad. Get traded and get paid. Get the love that you deserve. But one piece of advice, when the team announces that you have been traded ... be sure they get it correct on the first take.

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