Wednesday, February 27, 2008

What's Up With Irvine PD?

The Irvine Police Department has issued an arrest warrant for Angels World Series hero Scott Spiezio on six charges stemming from a drunk-driving crash in December. Drinking and driving is wrong, but this is the Sand Frog we are talking about.

Why does the Irvine PD hate the Angels? LA lets its football heroes murder their ex-wives, and Irvine can't look the other way for the guy who helped deliver the Angels their only World Series title?

Hell, Troy Glaus could show up and burn down the Shorehouse and the cops wouldn't even make a token arrest. This is just weak, Irvine PD. But at least it's better than the stuff that the department normally does. Or so we hope.

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Seitz said...

Wasn't it some Orange County cops that busted former almost dead Angel Matt Keough? Dude got beaned in the head and almost died. That should be like a lifetime get out of jail free card. They drilled open his skull fer chrissakes!