Friday, February 29, 2008

The Weak Ender

There is a new CR in charge of the St. Louis FC, Chip Rosenbloom who told the St. Louis Post that he plans on keeping the football team. Rosenbloom called the St. Louis FC a "family business," much like the Bada Bing was a family business for Tony Saprano. Too bad nobody thought to ask Chip's half-brother, Steve, what he thought of the family business seeing that Georgia ran him out of there.

Chip says that he wants to honor his mother's legacy by returning the St. Louis FC to greatness. If he really wanted to honor her, Chip would find a way to fleece St. Louis of more millions, bankrupting the city before fleeing for a big-money deal in Las Vegas. Sin City, not Los Angeles, would be a fitting tribute to both his parents as his dad was a notorious gambler and his mother was as notorious showgirl.

And hey, maybe they can build a new stadium out in the mob's old graveyard as one last fitting tribute to the way his mother ended his father's life. Interestingly enough, Chip was the last person to see Carroll alive before his mother sent in her hitmen to take care of his old man. How Chip has survived this long without therapy is a mystery.

You might ask yourself what Lisa Guerrero has to do with any of this, well she was once an LA Rams cheerleader. And let's just say that you don't want to dig too far into a Google search with key words, "Ram" and "cheerleader."

Alright, you have probably already seen this, Sara Silverman's confession to having an affair with a movie star.

But in case you missed it, here is Jimmy Kimmel's rebuttal. Hilarious and you really have to admire the star-power behind this.


flohtingPoint said...

Sadly, I dont think St Louis would miss them. Most of the morons here are way too into baseball to even acknowledge any other sport. March is right around the corner, and the NBA is in full swing too, but instead of talking about basketball on the sports radio stations here, they just talk over and over again about the STL Cardinals... I hate this place.

Tommy Tuck Rule said...

When Cameron Diaz does the universal sign for "i fucked her" is the best part. This video is everywhere. Maybe Kimmel will get some ratings now. Doubt it.

NFL Adam said...

I thought his show was doing pretty good.

Sun Devil said...

Hey Adam, why don't you realize that ASU is the greatest in the land. At everything.

Get over your Titan faggotry, you LXA faggotry, and your Angels faggotry.

Join the revolution. Take some grammar courses at A State. (how long is it gonna take to change "Raider fans in the mist" to the CORRECT "Raider fans in the MIDST"

Fletch said...

Any Giants games on TV this weekend?

Dr. Dame Jane Goodall said...

I'm trying to figure out if Sun Devil is just stupid, or just retarded.

Toomy Tuck Rule said...

Kimmel's show is great, but he doesn't get great ratings. The two unfunny ass clowns on the other channels get them all. But in a world where Mannings win back-to-back super Bowls, what do you expect?

Bain said...

Look at the comments and tell me I shouldn't be high.

Bain said...

At least there's some news that gives me faith in this country again, that being... Will Farrell's newest movie has completely tanked. Not that you couldn't see it coming. Never bodes well for an alleged comic actor when the only mildly funny bit in any of his movies involves Andy Dick as a felatio instructor. Maybe Will can come back with a whole movie about Pearl or the Blue Oyster Cult cowbell player, although without Christopher Walken the BOC skit would've drawn groans, too.

Of course, there's always the possibility that since Farrel's fans are rejecting Semi-Pro it might actually be funny.

The Poetaster said...

Is now the winter of our discontent
Drinking Apple Pucker and listening to
Besplattered, enraptured, and ruptured by pot
I saw the best minds of my internets rot!

Anonymous said...

Pass some of that over here.

Diane said...

Wasn't it Queens of the Stone Age?

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