Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Weak Ender

Say what you will about soccer, but the players have some hot wives. Maybe even better than the wives you find in the NFL who all seem to be some sort of generic blonde (except for Jeff Garcia’s wife). Seriously NFL wives come off some assembly line or sorority and are pretty indistinguishable. Blonde, perky and too many teeth. The soccer players, on the other hand, do much better. This exotic beauty of Liverpool's Peter Crouch is a lingerie model and is wearing a transparent dress.

Do you expect Gomer's wife to ever show up in a television commercial in a transparent dress? Hardly. (And thankfully, Brenda Warner keeps her clothes on.)

The point to all of this is that the Champions League is currently underway. And while my interest in this event will likely wane because the Lakers are good now, there were some spirited matches this week. The only puzzling part is how this whole thing works.

On the surface, the Champions League appears to be some sort of exhibition between teams. (And here I thought it was called the European Cup.) Like if the Angels took a week off in June to play the Cuban national team. And hey, that might be cool. The whole thing is entirely confusing but much better drama than, say, the NFL scouting combine.

Not sure who actually sits down and watches the combine, but they are likely some sort of loser. Unless you have found a way to wager of player’s 40-times, please explain the appeal of this event. Especially when all of these hot soccer wives are running around, the NBA is back and college basketball is heating up.

And yes, you should already be watching college hoops now. Remember when you were in Las Vegas last year and you swore that you were going to pay attention to college hoops this year? That time is now.

Thanks to With Lethur and on 205th for the photos.


Dolphins defensive end Jason Taylor will be giving up some of his teams mini-camps and will be fox-trotting around with this chick as he will be a cast member of Dancing With the Stars.

And you can probably blame Michael Strahan for showing the world that the offseason is relatively meaningless. Only Taylor will be hanging out with chicks.

Some people are calling Taylor a sissy for dancing. But they called Peter Brady a sissy for being a member of the Glee Club, but Rosey Grier set them all straight.

Speaking of Dolphins defenders – or at least former players – Zach Thomas is believed to be close to signing a deal with New England. Which makes a ton of sense because Thomas is finally old enough to play linebacker for the Patriots. Has there been a washed up linebacker that New England has said no to?

Jessica Simpson says that she and Tony Romo could be getting married sometime soon. Yes, tame your excitement. Romo seems to be challenging Cardinals quarterback Matt Leinart for the coveted award of most time spent on TMZ without a single playoff win.

The Hatriot had a pretty amusing anecdote about Romo and hopefully he will repeat it in the comments, because I could never do it justice.


DAWUSS said...

NCAA basketball needs a BCS. That is all.

Rocksteady said...

European Cup is basically a mini-World Cup for the European Region. It's held 2 years in between every World Cup. They need their fix for soccer, nationalism & rioting.

buckyor said...

This exotic beauty of Liverpool's Peter Crouch is a lingerie model and is wearing a transparent dress.

Yes. Yes, she is.

Bain said...

Methinks someone posted toasted.

Kobe said...

I've seen better than that

NFL Adam said...

I won't admit to posting toasted, but somehow "Roll With the Changes" ended up on my iPod.

Bain said...

I'm trying to think of a post or comment I've done that wasn't posted high.

NFL Adam said...

Seriously, what would be the point of doing this without a couple of belts?

Diane said...

Jason Taylor will be getting my much coveted votes. Since I've actually watched this show every season, I've risen to super delegate status.

The Hatriot said...

Normally, I won't do the old material. I'm sort of the Miles Davis of THN- turning my back on the readers and refusing to play anything off "Kind of Blue", but here goes...

Tony Romo is the first quarterback to have consecutive playoff runs ended by a muff.

Now, turn up the house lights and get me my heroin! BTW, do you think the downside to banging Jessica Simpson is having to hear her yell out "Get off me, Dad! You're crushing my smokes!" in her sleep?