Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Weak Ender

The best part of Sports Illustrated’s swimsuit edition, yes probably more so than the photographs, is the letters from women expressing their outrage over the issue.

Leering at women, the template reads, is not a sport. And if these women actually believe that, they aren’t doing it right. These letters to the editor have become a part of the sports culture, much like Raiders fans soiling themselves in a San Diego jail after being arrested for head butting a Chargers fan in the fist.

The only problem now is that nobody actually buys a copy of the swimsuit edition. Everybody looks at the pictures online. Now those letters are going to fall on blind eyes, much like Peter King’s rants about girls softball and coffee.

Thankfully, Time Magazine found an uppity female to express her outrage in a blog with the headline, “My company made me look at porn.” The author notes that she’s no prude. And that might be so. But you have to feel bad for her husband if this broad considers the SI swimsuit edition to be “porn.”

In other words, her face would probably melt like the dude’s in Raiders of the Lost Ark if she ever saw some of the stuff on Zach’s computer.

Hopefully she is playing dumb like Paris Hilton because you would really have to feel bad for a person that feels this way. If you feel that women shouldn’t be exploited in a men’s magazine, sure you can see that. But don’t try to pretend that your company is trying to peddle porn.

Maybe you should take a look around and notice that your industry is dying and were it not for the swimsuit edition your complaints would fall on the deaf ears of your AYSO carpool.

If there is anything to be outraged about, how about the photos of Jeff Garcia's pregnant wife? She isn't Demi Moore on the cover of Vanity Fair, but still. And besides, if you want to see some real "porn" you can just Google search his wife on the Internets to find more pictures of her that would probably send Lisa Cullen into hysterics. But try to find the ones pre-boob job, they are much better.


The Beautiful Game said...

nice dig at zach, totally true

Diane said...

I remember reading these same outraged letters to SI circa 1973 - how can these biddies still be caught by surprise when they catch their 14 yr old son ogling Cheryl Tiegs/Christie Brinkley/Rachel Hunter/Gisele Bundchen in a bikini?

Some things never change

gaylord said...

The Rat's wife is pregnant??! I wonder who knocked her up?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, those pics of Carmella were pretty pointless. Nice waist up at her sternum. And yes, she was much better pre-implants.

BostonSucksMyBlog said...

yeah, leave to SI to make Carmella look hideous. Good god, that must have been tough, SI. Job...done.

The Poetaster said...

O Bring me some photos of hot looking hotties,
With big wiggly honkers and closely trimmed twaties;
Then fetch us a round of American beer,
No wimpy synth ballads or alcopops here!

Paul Lynde said...

I would knock the crap out of that.