Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Post Mortem

Californians don't drive in the rain. So it seems fitting that NASCAR delayed its race in Fontana on Sunday because there was rain on the track. Way to perpetuate that stereotype, Nascar.

Not only should they hold NASCAR races in the rain, they ought to soak the track when it isn't raining. Listen, if we are forced to dodge these transplanted a-holes from Boston and New York on the 405, then Tony Stewart can go out and drive when it is slightly misting. And you thought baseball players were soft.

Sure, the drivers are going a little fast, but it's only water. Butch up a little bit. The race was just getting good ... we had a fire going and they had to go and postpone the thing.

Speaking of people going fast, Arkansas running back Darren McFadden ran a 4.27 40-yard dash at the scouting combine. McFadden was believed to be falling down draft boards recently, but this will likely put a stop to it. There always will be calls for McFadden to be the top pick in the draft, especially after six teams passed on Adrian Peterson last year.

Peterson walked into the perfect situation in Minnesota. The Vikings have one of the best offensive lines, so having one of the worst starting quarterbacks in the NFL didn't hinder Peterson. The Dolphins are going to need to pass on McFadden because he would likely get killed behind their offensive line. The only way McFadden can go first overall is if somebody moves up to get the top spot. (And the Cowboys are believed to covet McFadden, shades of Tony Dorsett maybe.)

  • Are they still waiting for the rain to stop in Fontana? Too bad, midnight racing would have been kind of cool. Watch out, though, there is still a surprisingly high amount of traffic at that time.
  • Your moment of Bish: Steve "The Bish" Bisheff has a blog on ESPN. Check that, he blogs for ESPN Radio 710 (and the Register wanted to sue over a guy that can't even get a gig at The Big Picture) and wrote a timely piece about college basketball only mattering during March. You might think that The Bish is staying ahead of the curve, but really, he was reporting on last year's March Madness. And how is it that Bish was the only guy in American not overwhelmed by the amount of advertising ESPN was doing? You'd think he'd try to keep up with that. And wait, if the Bish is writing at the 710 blog, does this mean that this isn't really the Bish?

Chris Berman finally came clean on those ESPN tapes that surfaced with a bizarre statement in the Miami Herald (from Sports By Brooks).

'It's almost as if what we would fight against as a country -- the Soviets spying -- it's almost like that's what everyone is doing,'' Berman said by phone Wednesday. ``What's said in the huddle, which is what I did, should be in the huddle.

First off, you are not an athlete, Berman. All you have done here is confirmed that you are nothing more than a glorified jock-sniffer. Somehow that makes it worse.

But you are right, all of this digging and tabloid reporting is a blight on society. So should we blame the 24-hour all-sports networks that show up at Terrell Owen's house during a contract dispute? Well done, a-hole.


Robster said...

Spot on, Adam.

I swear the first guy who ran to help Casey Mears out of that flaming wreck had a bag of marshmallows in his grubby hand.

Anonymous said...

This has nothing to do with the Angels

Diane said...

Did Berman mention who will likely start at shortstop for the Halos?

flohtingPoint said...

Word around the water cooler (and on The Dan Patrick Show) is that the clock was off on Darren's run and he really ran more like a 4.33 (which is still impressive on it's own).