Sunday, February 17, 2008

Messiah as Madden Cover Boy?

Lil' Hater still hopes to wake up one day to find out that the 2007 NFL season was just a bad dream. But the reality is that it is going to get a lot worse. Many reputable websites such as Deadspin and the like are reporting that Eli Messiah could be the Madden 09 cover boy.

And you know what? That makes perfect sense.

If there has ever been an NFL player that exudes the qualities of a video game character, that would be Eli Messiah. Just look at his famous toss in the Super Bowl. How many times have played somebody who is able to shake a sack and just lob the ball up there for the receiver to make a miracle catch? Like a million? That was like a video game come to life.

Or what about the winning touchdown? Have you ever toggled through your defense and accidentally landed on your corner back when your opponent snaps the ball? What happens? You start rushing the quarterback (think your are the defensive end) and the receiver gets open for a touchdown.

Eli would be the perfect cover boy. Especially when you consider his doughy physique and bad posture. The Madden people should sign Eli to a lifetime contract.


DAWUSS said...

Eli for Madden '09; Peyton for Chunky soup; Archie, Cooper, and J.J. for... dang, where do we put them?

The Poetaster said...

Prithee, my brother,
Into my garden come!

gaylord said...

Yikes! Is this confirmed, no way this happens, the madden jinx is undefeated, just ask that cocky bum Vince Young how it worked out for him. peyton has consistently passed on the cover, I doubt Eli would accept.

flohtingPoint said...

Sean Taylor's casket for Madden 09. Colt Brennan getting raped like Marcellus Wallace by Georgia for NCAA 09.

Anonymous said...

John Madden is the only white guy who's appeared on Madden.

Bill Bidwill said...

How about me? I run the real St. Louis football team.