Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Huge NBA Announcement

Yours truly intends to watch a regular-season NBA game. That's right, a regular-season NBA game.

David Stern might be the best commissioner in all of sports. He has found a way to contract NBA teams without actually contracting teams. He has turned Memphis, Miami and New Jersey into farm teams for the NBA elite. And that's a good thing.

Spreading the wealth among six-to-eight NBA teams is probably the best thing they could have done. The league's agenda to get Boston back to the top of the NBA Eastern Conference has worked out better than anybody could imagine. But the move to get Pao Gasol to Los Angeles was truly genius.

That forced the Suns to acquire Shaq and the Mavericks to go out and get Jason Kidd. (Hey, maybe they should have just kept Steve Nash.) This is just absolutely brilliant. A regular-season NBA game hasn't been an event since Magic Johnson first made his comeback. Now, there are going to be an overwhelmingly large number of people watching Wednesday night's game between the Suns and Lakers.

And the best part? The NBA isn't burying this game on some seldom-watched network that nobody could subscribe to. You are actually going to be allowed to see this game because the league isn't involved in some tinkling contest with the cable companies to see who will blink first.

Imagine that. A league that wants everybody to see its best players and most interesting games. This is where amazing happens.


Anonymous said...

Needs more Bish

Stocky said...

It's free because no one would actually pay to watch an nba game on tv, amirite?