Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Clemens Could Learn From Belichick

Roger Clemens really needs better advisers. You never deny that you took drugs. Instead, you say "Oh man, I didn't know it was illegal to take drugs." That is what Bill Belichick is doing.

Of course, that doesn't work for everybody. Ignorance of the law is no excuse, unless you are an NFL head coach who has been caught cheating.

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said that Belichick has always taped other teams. But instead of pulling a Clemens and going for the denial, Belichick acted like his sons do when they are holding a dime bag of weed -- they act like they did nothing wrong. And the best part? Goodell bought it.

Goodell said Belichick told him he believed the taping was legal; Goodell said he did not concur.

"He said that's always been his interpretation since he's been the head coach," the commissioner said. "We are going to agree to disagree on the facts."

Wait, what? They are just going to agree to disagree on the facts. Do you think that the Goldmans would have bought that act from O.J.? You see, O.J. believed that killing his ex-wife and her friend was legal. The basic laws of society did not concur.

"O.J. said that was his interpretation and we are just going to agree to disagree on the facts," Goldman said.



The Big Picture said...

so that's why bill is so uptight: goodell's tongue is up his ass.

flohtingPoint said...

"We are going to disagree on the facts" and "HOLY SHIT GUYS, HURRY UP AND DESTROY THESE DAMN TAPES!!!!!" are two different ballparks. You can't go berserk one minute and try to downplay it like it was nothing the next.

500k fine and loss of draft pick is weak. SMU just gave some kids some chump change and got the death penalty.

Anonymous said...

If your golden boy Pete Carroll were caught doing the same thing...?

flohtingPoint said...

If your golden boy Pete Carroll were caught doing the same thing...?

Then he might still be employed by the Jets =P

Don Shula said...

Heh... Bingo!

No,no. Not in response to this post or the Cheatriots or anything. I really do have a fucking BINGO!

Anonymous said...

We'll have to disagree about the facts about the events that occurred in the 3ft deep portion of the swimming pool

The Hatriot said...

C'mon, now. Clemens is a Bushbot. By the time all this is over, he'll be wearing a Presidential Medal of Freedom while Dan Burton gives him a rim job in front of the Lincoln Memorial. BTW, my verification word is "fglguvw," which according to testimony is what Clemens has tatooed on his pecker. Of course, before he started doing the juice, it read "Welcome To Jamaica Have A Nice Day".