Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Weak Ender

Sadly, loyal THN readers, the Lingerie Bowl is no more. What are those Real World alumni going to do now? Or Big Brother. Not that it matters much, that Go Daddy commercial had it all over the Lingerie Bowl anyway, but still. You have to miss a game where the contestants actually seemed to care.

Compare that to the modern NFL. The Super Bowl has turned into a football convention and you almost feel that the players are relieved that they don't have to play in the game. They say the right things about wishing they were in the big game, or how hard it is to be in Arizona and not be playing. They are still wandering the media center being led through convention hall by corporate handlers shilling products to each other.

Like it's a football version of Amway.

Tony Gonzalez, for instance was hanging out with some sports drink bowling with peole on Wednesday. Shawne Merriman was shilling something. And then there's Gomer. You almost want to believe that he's upset about choking again in the playoffs, but he's out in Arizona goofing around. At least he's not trying to take the spotlight away from his brother.

Listen Gomer, you are still going to be in multiple commercials on Sunday. Just like the Messiah have his own chance to choke in grand fashion. Sheesh.

Side note: Eddie Guns probably wants one of these refs shirts, right?

Speaking of players that clearly don't care, the Raiders are on the verge of hiring James Lofton as receivers coach. Too bad Lane Kiffin is the last person to hear about it. Lofton could one day be considered a replacement for Kiffin. Lofton has done the coaching dance and his window of opportunity to become a coach is closing. The Hall of Fame receiver would probably take the deal if he's offered.

Kiffin should embrace this. This will not hurt his legacy. Mike Shanahan lasted just over a year with Raiders and he did alright for himself. Kiffin should just get fired and then find a way to gravy-train a Hall of Fame quarterback to a couple of Super Bowl rings and then he can go 7-9 every season and still be considered a genius.

The Super Bowl pick will be coming later today or Saturday. But in the meantime, you might have missed this if you don't read Deadspin, With Lethur, FanHouse, Sports By Brooks, Awful Announcing, and pretty much any site other than ESPN. But this is too important to ignore. Kind of like the moon landing or something.

In fact, it's so important, make sure the children are around and watching this. If you are at work, make sure the volume is turned way up.


DAWUSS said...

No sightings of Archie, Cooper, and J.J. yet?

... or are they saving their camera time for the game?

But wouldn't it be funny to see the game end on a last second Lawrence Tynes field goal? Oh the irony..... Oh the irony....

But I'm still picking New England.

Diane said...

I've given it a lot of thought and I've decided I just can't deal with it this year - Fox shilling all its crappy shows and stars, Joe Buck being, well, Joe Buck (at least he's not Jim Nantz), the hype over the cheaters going undefeated, the Mannings . . . I'll just depend on THN to let me know which commercials I should look up on YouTube.

However, I will have my iPhone with me to find out if I won the office football half time and end of game pools

buckyor said...


The Berman clip is amusing, but what's funnier are the YouTube comments. I can't tell which are better- the ones who insist that ESPN will be forced to fire Berman based on this tirade, or the ones who talk about how they lost the respect they used to have for him as a "good Christian man."


Bain said...

Someone should wash that motherfucker's mouth out with soap.

Gaylord said...

Eli will destroy the Patriots, G-men are gonna be world champions. Messiah was robbed a Pro-Bowl spot also.

Also I don't blame Berman for yelling, guy just got a little annoyed having to work with some morons, I mean have they ever worked in TV?

Chris Berman said...

Jesus Christ, did you have to post that video? I mean,... Fuck. I-I'm sorry for blowing up here, but... Jesus. Have you ever been a public figure before? Jesus...

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